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By Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: Picture Men in Black 3 meet Office Space. Two suburbanites avoid government agents that harass them & try to destroy their lives by issuing a heavy student loan contract. *Block Comedy


Mike & Bob are good friends and roommates. Mike is a hard working Head Chef at Heart Stone Retirement Home. Bob is jobless bum & nothing more. Mike cries that Bob needs to get a job, because lately debt has been a turn off. Bob takes his chance, and he looks for a job, but he’s bummed out by extreme happenings. Bob’s search leads him to Heart Stone Retirement Home. The tour is excellent, but Bob is run off by Larry the hiring manager, another extreme happening. Strange as it may be Bob is lucky. Mike insist that Bob keeps looking, so Bob keeps searching. In the meantime Mike corals a couple girls, Shandrel & Claire. It turns out that Claire’s bad, and her boyfriend Doug, KO’s her from time to time. Bob thinks Doug is a wimp & together the boys whoop Doug’s ass. Across town an investigation starts up. Government agents seek to destroy Mike’s life with a strict payment contract, issued by the EIS, the Educational Intellectual Services, brought on by a rotten student loan. Mike is aware of his student loan, but he takes his time & thinks about what steps to take before he signs the contract. Things become weird, when Mike receives tension & a death threat from Agent B. Sign the contract Mike Roman or else!


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