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By Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

GENRE: Animation, Comedy, Musical
LOGLINE: Think Eight Crazy Nights merged with Goodfellas. Two guys search for a gig & they score big, at an Italian wedding, when a diabolical thief swipes the diamond ring, the buddies find themselves ultimately responsible.


Jersey City, 23 year old John Redone is a ultimat party pooper. In a rebellious attempt to see if he can get one over on his old man, he gets kicked out of the house. He is now forced to go out by himself & look for a job. He blacks out under the influence from a dose of Philippines white fire liquor, and he finds himself in a chapel. Handed a tuxedo and a few good words from Father Issac, he sets out with a new step. Obtaining a new beginning & a new look, he has graduated from being a body to an official grub worm. The Mob life seems to be the only way to turn, so he teams up with his best bud Vincent Carmichael, in his search for a job. They land a gig as stand-ins in an Italian style wedding working for the Mafia. Things topple when a dastardly thief steals precious valuables along with the groom's diamond wedding ring ,then Vincent gets kidnapped ,so John has to step up and become a hero. He has to return what was rightfully stolen in order to get his friend back from the dangerous crime syndicate ran by the vicious crime boss Frank Calzone; believe me he's no angel. Given an ultimatum and a the fiery Italian babe, the lovely Nola Areli, together they embark on a journey to get to the bottom of the heist. How will John ever stand up to the vicious crime syndicate & win his friend back?


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