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By Alex Hunt

GENRE: Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

Born onto a mission to explore the stars, Lily only dreams of going home to Earth. What was once an impossible dream becomes suddenly more achievable when the ship regains a lost connection with Earth, and Lily becomes friends with a lonely technician named Bry on the other end.


The Pursuit is a young adult, sci-fi thriller, set two hundred years in the future. Lily, our main protagonist, is on the space ship, The Pursuit, which has been on a mission for the last two hundred years, its destination; an Exo-planet that is viable for human life. Over the years, many of the ship’s crew have died from viruses and a failed mutiny attempt. Lily is one of three surviving young adults left on the ship; together they must complete the mission. However, Lily does not want to be on the ship, after hearing stories passed down from generations on the mission, and the large database of films and books, she only dreams of returning to Earth, a place she has never been, yet calls home. When communications are brought back by Earth, she sparks a relationship with a young technician on the other end, who after learning about her story, starts his own campaign to get her back to Earth, much to dismay of the Captain of The Pursuit, Adam, who believes Lily is his by right to start a family and populate the new Exo-planet. Adam will stop at nothing to make sure she stays on the ship and by his side for the sake of the mission.

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