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By Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

GENRE: Family

The great adventure continues. Will we save the Earth?


“The Visitors 2” Synopsis: By Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

We are introduced to a new character. The slightly arrogant Professor Evie Tobin the French bulldog. Problems ensue with Dax the Maine Coon cat.

Bjorn and Zorn fill Evie in on the recent occurrences, and the crew visit Enceladus to discuss the missing Earth with Emperor Tiko. They formulate a plan of action.

An attempt by Evie to bond with Dax is brushed away.

We meet two new aliens Brax and Flax, when they join Bjorn and Zorn on the investigation.

Dax runs into the wrong spaceship when they decide to visit the Earth, and discusses his feelings towards Evie with Brax.

The animals are overwhelmed with the sights of the Jupiter and Mars as they travel to Earth.

They run into the Unknown ship again, and unable to see the occupants they discuss their origins and possible species.

The animals talk Bjorn and Zorn into a visit to the moon. Florence is sliding on her butt gain.

A fright for Dax starts a bonding arc for Dax and Evie.

On return to Earth Bjorn, Zorn, Dax and Evie take a shuttle pod and contact Alfie the Drive thru attendant again. Alfie agrees to return to the ship with them to help with their investigation.

We learn there is a lot more to the “Alfie” story and that there is two Aeonite engineers missing somewhere on Earth.

When NASA realises the aliens are in orbit they attack one of the ships. The ship is destroyed and Brax and Flax are killed. They return to Enceladus to report their findings and the loss of Brax and Flax. We learn that the new US is president is Christian and determined to hide the Earth from the universe.

A discussion sorts out the information they currently have, and points them in the right direction. Back To Earth. They orbit above Paris and continue the investigation.

After a walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, they return to the ship, having recovered one of their missing engineers. On return to the ship they find angry NASA voices that again fire missiles at them. This time they miss.

The Engineer, Elva’s health is bad and they rush back to Enceladus to give him the medical attention he needs.

While Bjorn and Zorn are way Alfie creates a Jurassic environment in the Holo chambers. The animals love it and spend a lot of time there.

Further discussions on Enceladus result in a change of plan and a two week wait for backup ships.

The animals spend more time in the Jurassic environment.

The animals discuss the effects of Religious entitlement over dinner. Alfie decides the conversation is bumming him out and hits the stage to get everyone partying.

The following day the animals are having trouble getting out of bed for the next part of the adventure.

The investigation reveals that Humanity is playing with time travel.

NASA fires on them again and damages the ships engines.

They are rescued and towed back to Enceladus by the Unknown Ship.

The report to the Emperor reveals that the missing engineer is in fact giving Humans technology beyond their capabilities. These include Time Travel and Cloaking Technology.

The investigation leads them back to Zermatt, Switzerland at the foot of the Matterhorn. We meet Molly the Suffolk Sheep.

We learn the animals have helped Bjorn and Zorn in the past, but have had their memories wiped and have forgotten. Bjorn reveals Dax was at Roswell in 1947.

Zorn and Evie take a ride on a Cable Car and have a creepy encounter with a strange Christian man.

The animals play up a when Bjorn and Alfie go to the restaurant for dinner. They order room service.

The investigation leads them to the Hadron Collider at CERN. The missing engineer interrupts the CERN visit, reveals his role in the mystery, and fires on them again.

Zorn and Ptoni’s friendship helps Zorn again to help him clear his head.

The scans of CERN reveal a big piece of the puzzle. We learn the Humans are trying to create a planet wide shield that displaces time and hides the Earth from the universe.

The investigation is interrupted when the Unknown Ship calls for help from the year of 2030.

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