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By Elisha Woods

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

An ancient war between two immortal clans The Gen Ki and The Gen Ti. The Gen Ki is sworn to protect the Amulet of power from forces of darkness and the evil Gin Ti, who is determined to rule the world. The Clans have been battling for centuries and now their conflict has spilled over into New York City in the year 2024 where the fate of the world is at hand.


Emperor Chin or Shi Huangdi is known as the Tiger of Qin, and the unifier of all China who ruled between 221 and 210 BC. Unbeknown to the world Emperor Chin was a part of the Gen Ki Clan, the keeper of the Amulet of Power and head master the Jianyu, a secret society of wizards, which is sworn to protect the Amulet of power from the powers of darkness especially the Gen Ki Clan’s arch enemy the Gen Ti Clan. During a battle with the Gen TI Clan, the Gen Ti’s Dark wizard Dao Chen tosses a dark mist into eyes of the Gen Ki’s wizard Da Delun Gen temporary blinding him and Da Delun Gen falls to his knees. Using his power of the dark arts Dao Chen quickly appears behind Emperor Chin while the Emperor is fighting Chong Bing, the leader of the Gen Ti. The Emperor has Chong Bing pinned to the ground beating the life out of him. Dao Chen hits the Emperor in the back with an open hand casting a spell, which secretly poisons the Emperor. Doa Chen’s blow knocks the Emperor Chin off of Chen’s master and the Emperor falls to the ground. Then Emperor Chin jumps up off of the ground and he takes his sword and cuts Dao Chen’s head off. Beaten and bloody Chong Bing manages to get up and one of his men grabs him and they escape while the rest of the Gen Ti are in the battlefield being slaughtered like cattle by the Gen Ki. Shortly after Dao Chen’s Death the affects of the black mist in Da Delun Gen’s eyes ware off. The Emperor walks over to Da Delun Gen and helps him up off of the ground. The Ki Gen Clan won the battle. Three days after the battle Emperor Chin is laying in his bed sick and on the verge of dying. Knowing that he's about to die the Emperor sends for Da Delun Gen, Emperor Chin’s head Wizard, friend and consultant of the Gen Ki Clan and the secret society Jianyu.

Da Delun Gen enters Emperor Chin’s room and the Emperor hands the Amulet of Power to Gen. DA Delun Gen promises Emperor Chin, that the amulet would never fall into the wrong hands and then Emperor Chin dies. After the Emperor passed away Da Gen becomes the head of the Jianyu and to keep the amulet safe at all time, Da Gen wares the amulet around his neck and uses his mystical powers to keep himself young. With aid of the other masters of the Jianyu DA Delun Gen began selecting and recruiting young men that are good natured and pure of heart to become members of the Gen Ki if they passed the Jianyu process Da Gen and the master would train them in the Martial Arts. While the Gen Ki were rebuilding, Chong Bing was in his temple dying, prior to death, Chong Bing appoints Li Chen, Dao Chen son, the leader of the Gen Ti Clan and then Chong Bing dies. Utilizing his powers in the dark arts, Li Chen kills the few remaining members of the Gen Ti with the exception of three men, Jianjun Wu, Duyi Li and Fang Bi. He gives them special powers e grants Jianjun Wu the master of the Ax powers of lightning, Duyi Li the master of the Nun-chuck the powers of thunder and Fang Bi the master of the sword the powers of pestilence and they become the Four Horsemen of Gen Ti.

After the transformation Li Chen finds a young man with a pure heart named Heng Hong from a village near his temple. Chen places a dark spell on a young man, a spell that no wizard could detect and then he gives the young man 100 gold pieces of Cowry and sends him back to his village. Li Chen sends Fan Bi on a mission to the Amne Machin Mountains to pay a group of evil mercenaries called Ving Chao to join him and his men for their next attack against the Gen Ki Clan. Fang Bi makes it to his destination and he faces the trails of Hell to reach the Ving Chao. The Ving Chao accepts the money and vile creatures train with Li Chen and his men in Zhangjiajie Forest. While the Horsemen are training, Da Delun Gen and his fellow masters continued to hold secret tryouts at the Gen Ki School to a select group of young men that are good-natured and pure of heart and one of them so happens to be Heng Hong. Heng Hong infiltrates the Gen Ki Clan unknowingly with the spell that Li Chen placed on him, a spell that allowed Chen to hear and see everything at the Gen Ki School. DA Gen falls in love with a beautiful woman named Fei Yen Chong and they have a son, Lei Feng Gen. 10 years go by and Da Gen and his masters train their new students in the Martial Arts and Lei Fang has training in Mystical Arts and the Martial Arts. The horseman and the Ving Chao finish their training in Zhangjiajie Forest and they attack the Gen Ki Temple and a grand battle of martial arts and magic begin.

Li Chen and Da Delun Gen fought and the young dark wizard defeats Da Gen. However, Li Chen was not able to get his hands on the Amulet of Power because Lei Feng Gen stops Li Chen and then Chen and his horsemen vanish. Battered from his fight with Chen, Da Gen’s power begins to fade Da Gen is dying. Before he dies he passes the amulet to his son, giving him instructions to keep the amulet safe and he tells Lei that when his son his born that he will be the most power Jianyu of all, protector of life, and the savior of the world, the Key of fate and then Da Gen dies. Lei Feng Gen places the Amulet around his neck. Lei kept his word, just like his father. Lei uses his powers to keep himself young, then years later he marries a beautiful woman named Chu-hua and they have a son, they named him Quinn Qui Gen. To keep his wife and child safe, Lei moves his family and the Jianyu society from China to America in New York City, where Lei Feng Gen Historys the Jianyu Corporation, A powerful Corporation that develops the Genesis Rector, a hydro powered machine, which provides cheap, clean and renewable energy. In New York City Lei creates a new enemy, Sam Ellington, the Owner and CEO of the Omni Corporation. Lei’s Company drives the Omni Corporation out of business. To destroy Jianyu Corporation Ellington sells his soul to the Gen Ti. Lei Feng Gen’s son Quinn Qui Gen attends a charter school in Manhattan. At the school Quinn becomes best friends with Elijah Williams. Both Quinn and Elijah study the martial arts under Quinn’s father Lei Gen and the Jianyu society During Ki’s time of peace and tranquility, a dark wizard of the Gen Ti was born, Liang Jing Ho. The dark wizard’s the same age as Quinn. Years later at Quinn’s high school prom five men dressed in black attack Quinn. Elijah tried to help but he was defeated. The dark lord leaves a message for Quinn, He tells Quinn to tell his father that the Gen Ti Clan has returned and they disappear.

Quinn delivers the message to his father. Shocked by the message Lei Feng sits down and he tells Quinn the truth about the Gen Ki and what Quinn is meant to do and then he restricts Quinn from seeing friends to keep them safe. Quinn goes through at tough training regime to prepare him for battle. Seven years pass by and Quinn has masters the four elements and Elijah is a homicide detective. A big battle between the Ki’s and the Ti’s is taking place, and the Ti’s are loosing. Fang Bi runs away from the fight with Quinn hot on his trail. Quinn chases him into an Omni Corporation building. Fang Bi runs into Elijah and knocks him down then disappears. Elijah and his partner are investigating a homicide case. Quinn arrives seconds later and Elijah’s partner pulls her gun out on Quinn, Elijah recognizes him and he stops Sara from shooting him. Detective Marshall questions Quinn and he starts to disappear. Elijah tells Sara that he has to find him. He knocks her out to keep her safe and then he takes off. Quinn returns and joins masters against Baojia’s warriors. Baojia sacrifices herself to get the Amulet. She stabs Lei and poisons him, grabs the Amulet and teleports it the Amulet to her son. Lei kills Baojia, and her warriors fall. The sky turns red and Liang Chen appears with 5,000 Ving Chao, Chen attacks Quinn. While the Ki Masters battle the Ving Chao and Elijah takes on Ellington and Fang Bi. Elijah defeats Fang Bi and revenges his father’s death by killing Ellington. Chen seems to have the upper hand on Quinn but Quinn transforms into the key of fate destroys Chen and saves the world from destruction.

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