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By Sundae Jahant-Osborn

GENRE: Comedy, Sci-fi

NO CIGARETTES IN SPACE!!! (satirical comedy sci-fi)

"Capricorn One" meets "Thank You for Not Smoking"

What on "Earth" were the Russians up to when the U.S. were only hours away from being the first to land on the moon?... Faking it there first of course!

(multi-award winner)


All across the beautiful Siberian peninsula, from the vast icy provinces of the most remote Soviet plains to the eternally ostentatious Red Square, which isn’t even really red, Russians everywhere sit sipping vodka by night staring into the star filled sky, dreaming the dream of any idealistic nation - of reaching for those stars. And as they sip, mostly gulp, and reminisce about the days when the USSR was truly the very first to send men, dogs and satellites into space and made the world stand up and take notice, two little words sit on the tips of their tongues - two little words that romanticize just how they feel when they look up at that awe-inspiring moon, shining brightly in their glazed eyes … “Fucking Americans!”


In the Soviet Union in 1969 Cold War era, the pressure is on. The Space Race between the two most powerful nations in the world is reaching its height, and each country is giving everything it has to emerge victorious.

When Colonel Ivanov, the Soviet Minister of Defense, realizes that the Soviet Union is incapable of completing the accomplishment of landing a man on the moon, he resorts to a plan that will change the lives of everyone involved. He hires a French Director, looking to make his film debut, to film a fake moon landing that will be presented to the world as evidence that the USSR completed the moon landing first.

As the nearly impossible deadline looms and the U.S. gets closer and closer to achieving victory, things go terribly and hilariously wrong with their Russian “competitors.” The set gets damaged, the crew is drinking and smoking heavily, and, as Ivanov will soon realize, the science is totally inaccurate.

When the Minister of Defense sends in an eccentric scientific expert, things go from bad to worse as the conflicts and tensions rise. Now it’s a race against a ticking clock as the characters try to save the face of their nation, and their own lives!

The project has been nominated for, and won, major international Film Fests and competitions.

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