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Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Screenwriter in London, United Kingdom

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Sundae's Bio

In brief:

I’m an award-winning American screenwriter living in London whose first major gig was being hired by Director Garry Marshall to re-write scenes and dialogue on-set for Pretty Woman (976-BABE, that was me!). Since then, I’ve written numerous shorts, TV pilots and feature specs. I’ve been a Finalist in over 30 major festivals and competitions including Page Awards, Austin Film Fest and Sundance, and I was recently selected by producer Robert Jones (Usual Suspects, etc) as the winner of the Script Delegate Program at the International Screenwriters Festival UK.

I was hired in March for a feature assignment for an action-drama, just optioned one of my comedy specs to Talking Lens, a UK Production company, and previously optioned feature material to Brillstein-Grey. I also have 7 shorts sold or optioned, all being produced this year alone in the US, UK and Canada. One, a current Sundance Sloan Finalist comedy script I wrote about the Russians version of the Moon landing, is being produced this fall by a multi-award winning director, who's latest film is currently a finalist in an Academy Award recognized festival.

I’ve recently completed three new available feature specs, plus I also have a large slate of other exciting new feature projects in development. I'm a US and Uk citizen, and am represented by LA Studio Attorney Marisa Sommerville, but am actively seeking a manager or agent who can help take my work to the next level.

Sundae's Credits

A Difference of 50¢
Bought & Produced by Paia Pictures for AFI (re-bought rights)

No Cigarettes in Space!!!
Screenwriter (Current Sundance Sloan Finalist)
Optioned by William Beaton Prods, LA (in pre-production)

No Cigarettes in Space!!!
Screenwriter (originally a hired assignment)
Hired by CameraSpeed Prods, UK (retained full rights)

Optioned to Talking Lens Productions, UK (haven't resigned yet)

Just Kill Me Already (comedy)
Screenwriter (comedy)
Optioned to Brillstein-Grey (haven't resigned yet)

The Visit
Screenwriter (won 1st Place at Roswell Intl Film Festival)
Optioned & Produced by RIFF Prods

Screenwriter (British Short Screenplay Comp Finalist)
Optioned by Egoma Films (in pre-production)

Acting Raw (
Screenwriter (selected one of only two writers for new TV pilot)
Acting Raw Prods (in pre-production) (also writing for series)

Pretty Woman
Screenwriter (on-set)
Henderson productions (Garry Marshall's Prod Co)

Screenwriter (won at Canadian Short Film Festival)
Optioned by Year of the Skunk Prod, Canada (in pre-production)

A Difference of 50p
Optioned & Produced by Egoma Films, UK (re-shot by new co)

Sundae's Awards

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Sundae Jahant-Osborn

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