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Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Screenwriter in London, United Kingdom

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Sundae's Bio

In brief:

I’m an award-winning American screenwriter living in London whose first major gig was being hired by Director Garry Marshall to re-write scenes and dialogue on-set for Pretty Woman (976-BABE, that was me!). Since then, I’ve written numerous shorts, TV pilots and feature specs. I’ve been a Finalist in over 30 major festivals and competitions including Page Awards, Austin Film Fest and Sundance, and I was recently selected by producer Robert Jones (Usual Suspects, etc) as the winner of the Script Delegate Program at the International Screenwriters Festival UK.

I was hired in March for a feature assignment for an action-drama, just optioned one of my comedy specs to Talking Lens, a UK Production company, and previously optioned feature material to Brillstein-Grey. I also have 7 shorts sold or optioned, all being produced this year alone in the US, UK and Canada. One, a current Sundance Sloan Finalist comedy script I wrote about the Russians version of the Moon landing, is being produced this fall by a multi-award winning director, who's latest film is currently a finalist in an Academy Award recognized festival.

I’ve recently completed three new available feature specs, plus I also have a large slate of other exciting new feature projects in development. I'm a US and Uk citizen, and am represented by LA Studio Attorney Marisa Sommerville, but am actively seeking a manager or agent who can help take my work to the next level.

Sundae's Credits

Screenwriter (won at Canadian Short Film Festival)
Optioned by Year of the Skunk Prod, Canada (in pre-production)

A Difference of 50¢
Bought & Produced by Paia Pictures for AFI (re-bought rights)

A Difference of 50p
Optioned & Produced by Egoma Films, UK (re-shot by new co)

Acting Raw (
Screenwriter (selected one of only two writers for new TV pilot)
Acting Raw Prods (in pre-production) (also writing for series)

Just Kill Me Already (comedy)
Screenwriter (comedy)
Optioned to Brillstein-Grey (haven't resigned yet)

No Cigarettes in Space!!!
Screenwriter (Current Sundance Sloan Finalist)
Optioned by William Beaton Prods, LA (in pre-production)

No Cigarettes in Space!!!
Screenwriter (originally a hired assignment)
Hired by CameraSpeed Prods, UK (retained full rights)

Screenwriter (British Short Screenplay Comp Finalist)
Optioned by Egoma Films (in pre-production)

Pretty Woman
Screenwriter (on-set)
Henderson productions (Garry Marshall's Prod Co)

Optioned to Talking Lens Productions, UK (haven't resigned yet)

The Visit
Screenwriter (won 1st Place at Roswell Intl Film Festival)
Optioned & Produced by RIFF Prods

Sundae's Awards

see resume for full list awards!!!

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Sundae Jahant-Osborn

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