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By David Hutchison

GENRE: Adventure, Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Marooned on a hidden island, full of menace, can two children survive?


Shipwrecked and separated from their parents, Kirsty and Angus are marooned on the hidden island of Gruinsoye.

On discovering a secret glen and finding a human skeleton, they are surrounded by menacing goats. The children follow a goatherd, with a levitating scrying stone, to the mountain monastery of The Brotherhood of Sowers, a sect who have ancient scientific knowledge

Through young Sower Olaf, the children meet the Mind Casters, a cult of psychics, and the mythical Storm Hags, who control weather.

They discover that islanders are disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

The children sit a test at the Temple of Suil. Kirsty begins training as a Mind Caster while Angus joins the Sowers.

Kirsty is imprisoned by renegade Mind Caster Soyean, who uses her in banned experiments, where she meets Kenny; clone of 16thC Highland prophet Brahan Seer.

Angus tries to rescue Kirsty with Olaf and new friend Wilfred. They scale cliffs, travel through caves and boat across an underground lake, ending up in the dreaded Bog Lands.

Kirsty and Kenny escape. Kenny dies helping Wilfred.

The Storm Hags’ powerful scrying stone has been stolen by Soyean, who kills the Keeper and Wilfred. Nellbridy and Kerigayle are poisoned and the children obtain the scales of the Golden Carp to cure them. They take a storm raft to Mount Suil and defeat Soyean. He is thrown into the Corriekraken Whirlpool.

Kirsty and Angus make their farewells and take their life raft back to sea. The mist comes down and Gruinsoye disappears.

A helicopter appears through the mist, The children are hoisted up into the helicopter where they are reunited with their parents.


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