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By Patrice Thomas

GENRE: Drama

War is hell! It's worst when you're all alone. At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, a racial outbreak in the heart of Klan territory in the deep south leaves a black woman stranded. Now she's face to face with death as she makes the long walk home. 


Ethel Thomas has just returned home to Montgomery Alabama after a long stay with her sister in Chicago. It's her cousin's upcoming wedding, so her timing couldn't be more perfect. In route to her aunt's home, Ethel wants to stop by her own home to pick up a few things, but is given the bad news that another relative has gone missing and believed to be dead. Not only that, but her husband must also tell her that her own home has been completely destroyed by the Klan. When Ethel and her husband stop for gas after leaving her cousin's home. While she is in the restroom, all hell breaks loose. Too afraid to come out, Ethel hides until the trouble is over. When she finally emerges, Ethel realizes that this quick stop has turns out to be the most horrific mistake of her life. She finds a bloody mess, her husband is missing, and she has been left behind; some forty miles from home. It's 1955, and she finds herself stuck square in heart of racial hatred; and to top it all off, she gotta "Walk" through every bit of it to get back home.

“The Walk,” is a beautiful story about the plight of a black woman during a time period in which she was supposed to be nearly invisible. It’s her strength that she wasn’t supposed to have that carries her through. It’s her love for her husband that makes her believe. And more than anything, it’s her will to live that keeps her going. I love telling these kinds of stories because they are about heroes who don’t have voices, but deserve to be heard


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