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By Eric Zacharias

GENRE: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
LOGLINE: A lonely claims adjuster receives a device allowing him to control his dreams in order to meet the mysterious woman he dreams about. But when he starts dating someone in real life, he can’t control the dream woman and she becomes his worst nightmare.


Steven Thompson, a depressed, lonely claims adjuster in his late twenties who has a habit of sabotaging his relationships because of his deep-rooted fear of intimacy. He went through a messy breakup because he avoided conflict with his ex-fiancee and so one day they just blew apart. He now has recurring dreams about a beautiful mysterious woman (an idealized version of his ex). His obsession with this woman and his depression over being dumped have left him without a social life. Steven spends most of his free time sleeping and feeling sorry for himself. That is until Steven gets a lucid dreaming mask and begins controlling his dreams so he can confront this mysterious woman and get closure on his failed engagement. While using the mask, Steven learns this mysterious woman’s name is Julia. Turns out that she’s his perfect woman, beautiful, romantic, and completely agreeable. The mask works so well, they have a cliche romance novel relationship—the only problem is it only exists in Steven’s head. Steven spends more and more time sleeping. He calls in sick to work and spends days abusing night-time cold medicine, in order to spend more time with Julia. Steven is happy with his fantasy woman until he meets a real-life woman named Rachel. Rachel is caring, sweet, pretty and most importantly real, flesh and blood, not a fantasy. He falls head over heels for her and they start dating. He realizes he’s finally ready for a serious, committed relationship. Of course, dream-woman Julia is enraged by Steven’s real romance with Rachel and she vows to break them apart. Steven tries to breakup with Julia but she refuses and starts terrorizing him while he’s asleep (sort of like a sexy Freddy Kruger.) Julia becomes extremely jealous and possessive, threatening to ruin his life. She controls Steven like a puppet in his sleep and has Steven text Rachel, insulting her and saying he’s not interested. Steven starts pumping himself with caffeine and Red Bull, in order to avoid sleeping and confronting Julia. As he does this, the line between reality and his dreams blurs. After days without sleep Steven passes out behind the wheel and crashes his car, putting him a coma. During his coma, Julia tries to make Steven marry her in a horrifying wedding ceremony involving medieval torture, mythical monsters and killer robots. She is determined to force him stay with her forever in his permanent dream state. Steven is only able to free himself from her when he hears Rachel’s voice coming from the waking world. Rachel lovingly holds his hand and talks him through the nightmare. He finally wakes up from his coma and reunites with Rachel, vowing to be with her forever, no matter how hard reality gets.


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