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By Devon McBride-Wilson

GENRE: Action, Animation, Crime, Sci-fi

A no-nonsense detective unicorn, juggling a heavy caseload, a family, and a vain, reckless rookie partner, investigates a mysterious and ruthless mastermind who will stop at nothing to take over the world.


On a planet full of sentient unicorns – Monocerans – Detective Firewake is the leading detective in the bustling city of Addax. The unhumorous APD Commissioner, Beton, demands he come in to the precinct during a day off with his wife and kids.

When he gets there, Firewake and his laid-back partner Zaffa find out the notorious Green Hat Gang has escaped from prison, and has robbed a bank.

They investigate, and discover the gang has gained some incredible new powers. The two give chase, but their cruiser is knocked out of the sky.

Firewake devises a plan to trap the gang at their next target. A dozen fellow officer mares and stallions, in disguise, get the drop on the gang and capture most of them with well-timed spells.

But Rails, the leader and most powerful of the gang, escapes. Firewake and Zaffa give chase, and corner him in an alley after a tough battle. Just as they're about to arrest him, the gang leader speaks in a strange, possessed voice, and launches a powerful explosive spell that seems suicidal.

Firewake wakes up in hospital, to find his family there, glad to see he's alright. Unfortunately, he also finds Zaffa flirting with Daselle, Firewake's niece

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