Paul Howard

Paul Howard

Actor, producer and filmmaker in Los Angeles, California
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Seeking actors in Los Angeles, California

NOW FULLY CAST. Thanks to all those who submitted!What's The Alternative? Productions is currently seeking THREE different actors for a SUPER Short Film being shot in the San Fernando Valley in February. Exact dates TBD but most likely February 15th or 16th. Please be based in the LOS ANGELES area and available these days.Each actor will only be need for 2 to 3 hours MAX (including for hair and makeup) *This Posting Will Be Updated As We Cast* The piece is humorous and fun and will be similar to our most recent award winning super short film, 7. Simple. Easy. FUN!We are seeking all types of actors for the three roles below! Diversity is welcome and appreciated!  Driver- Seeking a male in his 30’s or older. Character actor is great for this part but not required.Wife- Female, late twenties to late 40’s. Hottie MILF to Character actor. Passenger- Leaning towards a FEMALE for this role but will consider GUYS. Ideally an actor that can play “teenager” to EARLY 20’s. No one under 18 years old. Attractive to hot! To see some of the past projects we’ve created (for reference to professionalism and caliber): specific Mood/Style/Comedy references for this piece, specifically see our film Picnic Area 11 HERE and our dark comedy short film sauce: to make agreeable or less harsh HERE. If you are interested please do NOT respond here, instead, EMAIL us at: When emailing us please put YOUR NAME and CHARACTER NAME in SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL. Please include your photos within the body of the email. If you have a resume, links, demo reels please include them also.There is NO Pay for this project but you will receive copy, credit, and promotion. We promise a fun and easy time on set and a final product that you’ll be proud of and excited to share!Thank You.

EXPIRED Around Friday? Wanna help & work on a SHORT?
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Around Friday? Wanna help & work on a SHORT?

Seeking makeup artists in Los Angeles, California, Studio City, Los Angeles County, California, Hancock Park, Los Angeles County, California and 1 more

Seeking an MUA who can do ONE male talent (hair and makeup). The man will have two looks, clean cut, rich, successful, affluent and then an unkempt, poor, and dirty look.This is for a low budget (but HIGH quality) short film titled "7" that will be directored by Gareth Fient and DP by Marc Wiercioch. Super quick and easy! I promise! QUICK DAY. Few hours!NO PAY but I'll buy you lunch!Please contact me immediately or pass along to any possible candidates! Thanks in advance!!Paul HowardTo find out more on me (producer) and see that I am legit please feel free to check out my website and youtube

EXPIRED Need PHOTOSHOP Expert to Design
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Need PHOTOSHOP Expert to Design

Seeking graphic designers in Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, Sacramento, California and 3 more

Seeking an individual to create & design MARKETING materials & photos for our film...Seeking a "Digital artist/Graphic artist" type (or just someone with a creative eye and very talented at Photoshop) to create some promotional images and press material for the film, Christmas Visitations. I have ideas (of course) but am looking for someone who has the talents (and creativity) to come up with and make COOL and ORIGINAL and EYE CATCHING materials. While I appreciate enthusiastic individuals, I am seeking a professional individual with experience in design. I am also in need of these images sooner then later so someone who is currently available and ready.THE JOB:I'm ideally thinking about 6 to 8 created images in total with one “Main” and traditional film poster created. Of these images, I'll need various sizes and dimensions of each to match the various social networking website needs (i.e. to fit Facebook's cover size or Instagram dimensions). In addition to different sizes, I'll need some "special" images made with specific TEXT put in place to promote certain events ("in 3 days”, coming soon, etc) these will probably be the same images or similar images already created, just with new text. If that makes sense.Please keep in mind our film is a holiday film (i.e. Christmas) and a period piece (Victorian era) any interested individuals should be interested and familiar with the historical look of this time.PAYMENT:I have a limited budget, but am willing to pay for the above work (150 to 200 depending). Additionally, for you this will also serve as a networking opportunity, get your work exposure, and hopefully a precursor to us working together again on future paid gigs. As you can hopefully see (or you will see after checking out my page and materials) I work and create new and different projects OFTEN. Very often....Always looking for individuals to be added to my "stable of talent". Seriously. That's not just lip service!TO SUBMIT:If all of this sounds good to you so far, I'd love to see examples of your work and then if you feel comfortable and are still interested, I can share additional information and footage of our film, so that we can get on the same page, creatively. Feel free to message me here or EMAIL me at getpaulhoward@gmail.comThanks in advance!Paul HowardExecutive ProducerSee the following links for more information on the project you'll be designing for:Fan page for CHRISTMAS VISITATIONS: Howard's YouTube Channel: of Past Projects Press Material:

EXPIRED Christmas Visitations
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Christmas Visitations

Seeking actors, costume designers, costumers and 3 more in Chatham, United Kingdom and London, England

*ACTORS* *CREW* WE ARE STILL SEEKING THE FOLLOWING....I need talented and dedicated individuals available (in the London area) to begin pre-production now (and be available for our shoot days on the 24th and 25th which will be in the KENT/CHATHAM area )!Please keep in mind this is LOW BUDGET.For CREW I am STILL SEEKING someone with experience in the following:-Costumes (specifically period costumes for the early to mid 1800's)-Makeup & Hair (period, but natural for the early to mid 1800's) I would also need someone who can do SPECIAL EFFECT makeup.-Wigs (again for the early to mid 1800's in London)Contact me, our Director Gareth Fient (who is a part of this message) ASAP and DIRECTLY. Please do NOT reply all to this message!!For ACTORSPlease see the casting call pro link ASAP and submit tape: also check out our Kickstarter link for more information on our project and to join the campaign! YOU IN ADVANCE !! Please feel free to share this!!Paul HowardExecutive Producer

EXPIRED Casting Call/Seeking Multiple Locations for P
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Casting Call/Seeking Multiple Locations for P

Seeking actors in Los Angeles, California, Orange, California, Anaheim, California and 3 more

CASTING and SEEKING LOCATIONS for Paul Howard's next Music Video/Short Film hybrid. See Paul's previous project, HELLO, for reference: are seeking multiple different roles and a few locations. Exact shoot days are TBA but likely will happen SOON, throughout the rest of May and then the beginning of June!Shooting will take place in both LOS ANGELES and ORANGE COUNTY so looking for actors in both locations but ONLY seeking actors local to these areas.No Pay but copy and credit will be provided. In addition, you’ll receive footage to use for your reel. As a thank you (and payment) individual pieces featuring each talent can/will be created for actors to use as they wish and will be used to promote the project. Great to add to your reels or share via social media.In addition you will receive exposure so this is a great project for newer actors or ones that need new footage.Lastly, each actor will only be needed for a very limited time (a couple of hours MAX) so not a huge commitment to make.Thanks in advance for your interest!!BREAKDOWN OF CAST:This project is unique in that I’m seeking natural, real, normal actors to appear as “real people.” The project will be shot mostly, documentary style, so that to the audience it appears to be captured real moments.The project is also unique in that I have various scenarios but I’m ultimately flexible on exact ages, ethnicity, and details of each actor to appear as the character in these scenes.Ideally I’d love to find actors with locations available.Seeking the Following….CAST and LOCATIONS-A woman (30’s) normal, violent. Will be seen being abusive to a boy (10 to 13). She gives him a cold and violent shower.-A library, a boy (teenager) is reading he is clearly emotional but tries to hide his emotions. *Actor must be able to cry.-In a garage, a skinny boy Any age from 13 to 23 (actor must be VERY thin)-A female 20's of a couple (male already cast) *Able to show anger/physical violence. Intense.-Male Ballet Student. Prefer younger boy (teens) but *must be proficient in ballet.-Nerdy high school student at lunch. Girl high school student also on lunch break.-Two gay guys clearly lovers, but one is not comfortable with who he is. *Actors must be comfortable with intimacy regardless of sexuality.-Overweight kid and his parents. Family at dinner table.-Movie theater, Guy & Girl (age flexible) maybe on a date, sad movie. Both cry. Both actors must be able to cry.Please submit resume, headshots, and demo reel (if available)

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Seeking marketing/prs in Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, Vancouver, Canada and 6 more

**SEEKING IMMEDIATELY** Paid Job Post! I’m seeking an EXPERIENCED, creative, reliable, talented WEB DESIGNER! The job is fairly specific but I will need a creative individual with artistic flair!! I need a “page” added to my existing site, I need someone who can work this week, to complete the project THIS week. *Please contact me IMMEDIATELY for further details. Email me at: Do not message me here. Thanks in advance for your time and interest!!

EXPIRED Picnic Area 11
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Picnic Area 11

Seeking digital imaging technicians, film/theatre journalists and producers of marketing & distribution in Studio City, Los Angeles County, California

**UPDATED** 5/27/13 I'm reaching out again to my amazing network of peeps, in the hopes that someone can help me soon! This time I need help with the html coding for Picnic Area 11's fanpage, specifically the REVEAL TAB! You can see the fanpage, as it already exists, here: You will see that I have already added the Static HTML: iframe tabs (the one that says WELCOME) but now I need someone to create some coding for the landing page, before they are fans, and then coding for after they click LIKE! I will be running a contest for Picnic Area 11, giving away great prizes between June 1st and June 11th. I need essentially the landing page to have something about that, and then when they click like, the options and details to enter the contest. Can you help?? Please contact me with any questions or to get details and THANKS IN ADVANCE!! 5/11/13 I'm proud and excited to announce that my short film, Picnic Area 11 has officially premiered on youtube! Check it out now! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED AND SUPPORTED ME FROM STAGE 32!!! ~~ 4/08/13 ~~ So we are in the home stretch!! Very exciting! The film is being finalized and close to PICTURE LOCK and it is looking GREAT!! We just need a few more things..... WHAT PICNIC AREA 11 STILL NEEDS: COLOR CORRECTION - The film was edited on Final Cut Pro 7 and needs a color correction run! SOUND- I will need someone to edit and fix some of the sound. Overall it is good but it just needs "evened out" and made so there is room tone and that the volume doesn't jump up and down. Basically I need someone to work their sound magic! As I stated before, the film is being edited, so I have to wait and see IF music is needed ....but there are sound adjustments, editing, mixing, that needs to occur. At this point, everyone involved will receive credit. This is a SUPER LOW BUDGET (but HIGH QUALITY) PROJECT that we are all donating our time and talents to create. This is truly an opportunity to be artistic and to collaborate in a creative environment. How often do we really get to do that? I have found, not often I'm working to change that! And this is only the beginning. I hope to do many more of these projects in the future (at least 2 more THIS year) and ultimately begin to grow them in to bigger events (budget, crew, story, length)! This film will not only be promoted when it is finished (everywhere), it will be completed, and completed relatively soon! No waiting months or years to finally see the fruits of your labor! So come to the picnic and join us.... Paul Join the Picnic: Picnic Area 11 Premieres on YouTube MAY 11..... LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: Subscribe To Our YOUTUBE Channel:

EXPIRED Everything Twas
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Everything Twas

Seeking actors in Valley Village, Los Angeles County, California

This holiday season, find out what Twas. The film, Everything As Is, has inspired a HOLIDAY themed, completely original, new film called Everything Twas. Set to be released in November 2013. This will be the THIRD film this year from Executive Producer Paul Howard. Picnic Area 11, Everything As Is, and now Everything Twas. Currently Cast: Ann Benson, Carmine Bicchetti, Paul Howard, Maria Wilson *Please forward & share* SEEKING ACTORS My film, Everything Twas is looking to cast roles for the FINAL 4 Chapters IMMEDIATELY. Seeking actors of both sexes and various ages. ALL PARTS WORK THIS SUNDAY, (10/6) every one submitting must be available! TWO WAYS TO SUBMIT: -See NOTE on facebook fanpage and submit via email -OR, the roles are also posted on, so any actors who are members can submit there. Feel free to forward & share Casting Call! Details on Project: The short is broken down in to various CHAPTERS, each self contained and only connected by a ceramic Christmas tree (first seen in Everything As Is, my next film to premiere this month, and what loosely connects the films) the story travels through various times, like the 1940's, 1980's, 1960's and today. We will be shooting ONE of these chapters on Sunday the 29th. We will be shooting in the Hollywood area (not far from Hollywood and Highland). There is no pay, however, you will receive credit, IMDB credit, and of course food! Plus, I work with the same people many times on my various projects, so there is the opportunity to work on future gigs AND you'll be connecting and networking with various industry professionals. Plus, there is all the exposure you'll get from being involved! Lastly, this will only take a few hours of your life and TOTALLY be worth it! You'll be proud to be involved when you see the end product. This will be a SAG Low Budget Film (Paperwork Pending). HOW TO SUBMIT: Email your CURRENT headshot (if you don't have a current shot, then send your headshot AND a snapshot with your phone), a link to your reel (prefer actors with reels but not required) and details on yourself, your social network, and any 80's wardrobe you may have (*Please also make a notation if you'd be willing to take a background role. We are still looking to fill some more background roles in the 80's scene) to: We will be casting from photos, reels, and the info you send. No auditions. Please submit your information ASAP! Thank you for your consideration and interest! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CHECKING OUT OUR PREVIOUS PROJECTS: Subscribe on YouTube: See Picnic Area 11 here: Picnic Area 11's Fanpage: Everything As Is Trailer:

EXPIRED Seeking/Looking to Hire: Marketing/Publicist/Promotion/Etc.
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Seeking/Looking to Hire: Marketing/Publicist/Promotion/Etc.

Seeking agents, director of marketing & distributions, managers and 3 more in Los Angeles, California

I am hoping to get some help (or at least some leads) from my AMAZING Stage 32 network, once again! I have conveniently included a quick “blurb” below of what I am seeking, then if you are a candidate or can help or want more info, check out the FURTHER INFORMATION for more details. Please don’t hesitate to message me back if interested and can help or if you have questions or clarifications. I also appreciate leads, so if you know someone, don’t hesitate to pass this along to them or re post to your networks!Thanks in advance!!IN A COUPLE OF SENTENCES:I am looking for a professional who can help PROMOTE my projects, films, brand, etc and ultimately myself. I am NOT looking for someone who can get me more hits on YouTube or likes on Facebook (I get offers for that all the time). This is not about social media popularity for me (although I am not saying this will be ignored), it’s also not about numbers for numbers sake. This is about getting the RIGHT eyes on my content and hopefully building from there. Think of this as more about MARKETING then just random “promotion”. A career of respect, influence, and longevity. Not just a quick buck, or easy answer. Quality not Quantity. Marketing, not just Promoting.FURTHER INFORMATION:I’m willing to be patient but feel like this is a good place to search, here on Stage 32. As already stated, I am not just looking for someone to “get me numbers.” To be honest, that is ultimately fairly irrelevant to me. Plus I’ve personally already done that. I have multiple large networks across multiple sites that I’ve worked hard for. I have multiple fan pages, a personal website (, a YouTube channel (, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc! I have a personal blog I keep fairly active. I’ve also successfully reached my goal on a kickstarter campaign and I released 3 films in 2013 (I currently have over 12,500 views on my YouTube videos). I’ve also held multiple contests over the years, with great prizes that helped promote my films and bring awareness to them all the while involving my audience on a very specific, interactive level. I am good at social media and understand it, but it’s time to move beyond what I can do or more specifically the time I am personally willing to spend on it! Now I’m looking for help!I am now looking to promote and market myself and my projects to the right people. Whether that is industry folks looking to hire and partner with me, or people who can join and help in my future projects, or simply audiences that will enjoy my material, all of these options are desired and valuable to me! The main reason I am now interested in putting someone in place for this job is that it can be time consuming, and I’d rather have an “expert” working their magic, doing their thing! Thus allowing me to continue to create and move on to new projects, not be stuck promoting old ones.I am willing to work with both beginners or established folks. It strikes me that someone that is more established is going to be what I need in this case, but, unlike a lot of the industry, I never "turn my nose up" at beginners or people with only a few credits. We all have to start somewhere and talent is talent…regardless of if you have good representation or fancy credits, or not. I have had great experiences with “beginners” or “newbies” but again, I’m probably needing someone more established for this position. Passion and drive mean more to me then anything else though!In regard to pay, I am willing to hire someone, but obviously I am not Tom Cruise, or Paramount Pictures. I do not have an endless budget or even tons of money to throw at this but I’m willing to chat and work something out that makes everyone involved happy. Especially if someone “established” was interested, obviously I’d employee you. Also, I’m open to a sort of “trade” with someone looking to get more experience or exposure. It will just depend, but I’m flexible depending on the specific circumstances and individual(s). I am absolutely looking for results though!Alright, I don’t want to overwhelm, so I think that is a good start. Below, I have included links to all my films and projects. This will hopefully give you more of an idea about me and my “brand”…or whatever the catch word is currently! Please check out my stuff and then feel free to contact me directly. I would love to chat more, answer any questions, maybe Skype, or meet in person, and then start working together!A BIG THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for taking the time to read this and for your interest! Alternatively, if you know anyone that this would be appropriate for, please do not hesitate to forward this to them!Wishing you much success in 2014!! Keep the Faith and ALWAYS follow your dreams!PaulPaul@GetPaulHoward.comMy Website:www.GetPaulHoward.comMy Films:Picnic Area 11: As Is: Twas: