Shanika Freeman's Reel

Ambient Music - The Voice

I created this song , after hours of struggling with another composition. I was stressed, because of things at home. I needed calm, so I sat down and created. This composition means a lot to me, for many reasons. It brings me calm. It is atmospheric, haunting, beautiful, calm , yet jarring at times and other-worldly. No matter what I have been through, music has always helped me! Every time I listen, I hear a message. I would love to hear what YOU think. What do you hear? Links:...

Muspelheim Feat. Vikingbard

This is the telling of the end of times. Muspelheim, is an atmospheric relaxing ambient track. It is based on Norse Lore. Muspelheim is the realm of Fire. There, the Fire Giants lives. According to Norse Lore, during Ragnarok, the Fire Giants will breaks free , and Surtr will come forth with a flaming sword, to destroy the world and bring the end of times. CC available... Translation: English The flames shoot out before him As he rides upon the sun. Sword in hand, he comes to light To destroy...

Hidden Within

When creating this small piece, I imagined the M.C discovering a dark secret in the harsh woods. All he has known up until this point is now a lie. What is this darkness inside of him? Finally, after much thought, he decides to go after the man who is responsible for his pain, unknown to him though, is that his prey is now the predator.

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