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By Bradford Richardson

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical

Zach, a self-involved one-hit-wonder Pop-musician from the ‘90’s whose comeback dream has left his life in ruins, gets the new start he needs when his ex-wife, Gwen, asks him to be a full-time Dad for their fiercely talented seventeen-year-old daughter, Ally, who has her own girl-band, Non-Objects, plus the talent & determination to become a star.


The pilot episode opens in a college radio station DJ booth during a show titled: One Hit Wonders You Thought Were Dead. Zach Bailey, 42, is still optimistic about making a comeback, as he jams the last few chords of his one hit song from the ‘90’s. LIVING ON LOVE. It’s catchy. The brash young DJ, thinking he’s cut to a commercial, calls Zach’s comeback dream a lost cause. The guys wind up in a comical tussle which ends the show.

Next we discover Zach’s been living on his tour bus from the ‘90’s. His biggest regret is being divorced. The one thing he’s most proud of is his musically brilliant teen daughter, Ally. Ally is wise beyond her years and completely in love with music. Zach’s tour bus home gets repossessed right out from under him.

Then we learn Zach’s ex-wife Gwen, who’s had to become completely self-reliant, runs her own coffee shop. The coffee shop is built into an old fire station, (complete with a tiny music stage). Gwen’s raised Ally, mostly on her own. Gwen’s returning to medical school to be a Dentist. She needs Zach to become a full time Dad and to Manage the coffee shop.

Zach jumps in, promises to see Ally’s band, Non-Objects, perform their first show at the high school dance. Ally refuses to admit she knows Zach is going to let her down.

Zach does let Ally down. The next day, Ally leads her band to ditch school and crash a major audition in the city. Zach arrives in time to watch the girls prove they've got the heart and the talent to be stars.

Zach realizes he's got to help Ally chase her future. Since Ally is going to be grounded for a while, Zach sets-up a small stage at the Firehouse Coffee Cafe’ so the Non-Objects can perform for their friends at night. Their first show is for a standing room only crowd, and a big success for the coffee house too.

Semi-Finalist in the 2015, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition, (as SING IT).

Theme - A GUITAR, A DREAM & YOU is about the excitement & fear inspired by following your dreams, as well as the personal cost. If you focus too long & hard on the outcome, you fall out of love with the process. It’s about second chances and first experiences. It’s about responsibility to family vs. personal ambition.

Why Now? - A GUITAR, A DREAM & YOU is a story for anyone who needs inspiration to fight for their identity and their dream. This show is about bringing creativity & love to the world. This story is for Gen-Z teenagers who won’t be told how to live their lives, who are redefining gender roles and stereotypes while trying to figure themselves out in a really complicated world.

E. LeeAnn

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E. LeeAnn

This sounds great, Bradford! Hope to see it on TV soon!

Jim Boston

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