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By Bradford Richardson

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller, War, Historical, Drama, Family

Set in 1941. Trapped in German occupied Venice. His British Operative father murdered by a double-agent. His Operative mother presumed dead. An eighteen year old James Bond is hunted by a vicious Nazi all the way to Switzerland with only seventy-two hours to complete his parents’ final mission: to deliver the top-secret formula for synthesized petroleum to MI-6 in Zurich.


Set in 1941. James Bond, 18, lives in Stockholm with his British Diplomat parents, Andrew and Monique, and grandfather, Sir James.

Andrew, Monique and Sir James are all war-torn, former British Secret Service. James wants nothing more than to be an operative too but his parents flat-out refuse. Andrew has already laid out James' future at Cambridge University.

On the eve of the Nazi invasion of Ukraine, MI-6 Director, Curtis, convinces Andrew and Monique to accept a critical assignment into Ukraine to extract defecting Soviet Scientist, Dr. Zukarov, and his formula for synthesized petroleum before the Nazis, or Stalin’s murderous KGB, can get to him.

James stows away on his parents’ ship to Russia and is discovered too late to be sent back. On the train into the Ukraine, the Bonds meet-up with Dr. Zukarov who's only minutes ahead of Gorin, the KGB assassin sent to kill him and retrieve the formula.

Dr. Zukarov reveals an exquisite mantle clock which contains the only copy of his formula. If the clock isn't delivered to Director Curtis, in Zurich, Switzerland within 72 hours it will self-destruct. (Curtis holds the only key which can open the clock)

Dr. Zukarov sacrifices himself to buy time for the Bonds to get away from Gorin. Zukarov’s death is in vain as Gorin corners the Bonds. But, before Gorin can take the clock they all become ensnared in the Nazi invasion. Gorin escapes, without the clock.

Von Kleist, a viscous Nazi S.S. officer, also assigned to retrieve Zukarov's formula, captures Andrew and James with the clock. Von Kleist knows Andrew is MI-6 and that the formula is hidden within the clock. Andrew realizes their mission has been betrayed by a double-agent.

James’ mother, Monique, heroically attempts to rescue her men but she’s caught in a massive explosion, and presumed dead.

Von Kleist orders Andrew and James to be executed. Andrew and James fight to break free. Von Kleist murders Andrew.

James gets away with the clock.

James, running out of time, thinking both his parents are dead, must elude Gorin and Von Kleist, battle his way across

700 miles of Nazi territory to Zurich, Switzerland and deliver the clock to Director Curtis.

Director Curtis informs Sir James of Andrew’s death, and Monique's & James's separate escapes.

Sir James teams up with old friends, MI-6 Operatives, Miles Hammond, and Major Dodd, (the Field Resources agent). Together they head to Switzerland to begin their search for young James & Monique. Director Curtis imposes himself on Sir James’ rescue mission.

In Poland, James rescues a cocky American pilot, Burke. They elude death at the hands of Gorin and Von Kleist, steal a German fighter plane and head for Italy.

Burke is injured in an aerial dogfight, James is forced to take the controls and battle the remaining fighter himself. Luckily James wins. When they reach Italy, Burke orders James to bail out. Burke flies ahead luring the Nazi fighters away.

Immediately on the run again from Nazis, James finds himself in the arms of a sexy cabaret dancer, Nalia Hardinov, who

introduces him to Russian vodka before taking his virginity and his wallet.

When Nalia learns of the secret formula within the clock she betrays James to Von Kleist and arranges to turn him over.

At the last moment Nalia changes her mind, but Von Kleist is already upon them. Nalia sends James running, right into Gorin's grasp!

As James struggles with Gorin, Nalia is shot by Von Kleist and at that very second a freedom fighter’s bomb explodes around them and gives James the time he needs to run. Gorin chases James through Italy. They both become trapped with Gorin in the flooded catacombs beneath the city.

James, in a vengeful rage, defeats Gorin but finds himself in a deadly race for the Swiss border against Von Kleist.

Meanwhile, In Zurich, Sir James and his team, hear of a young man running from Nazis. They learn James is headed to Lago Maggiore, Italy, only twelve miles from the Swiss border.

We discover that MI-6 Director Curtis is the double-agent when he reveals James’ position to Von Kleist.

After a nerve shattering chase, James slips Von Kleist and comes face-to-face with Sir James, Miles, Dodd and Director Curtis with only three minutes left before the clock self-destructs.

It seems the formula is saved. James learns that Monique is alive and on her way.

James proposes a trap for Von Kleist at the cable railway station in Lago Maggiore with himself and the formula as the bait.

Monique follows her intuition and parachutes into Lago Maggiore.

At the cable railway station, Curtis double-crosses James and delivers him and the formula to Von Kleist.

Curtis and Von Kleist move to escape via cable car. As James and Sir James are about to be shot by Von Kleist,

Monique arrives and avenges her husband’s murder by killing Curtis.

Von Kleist takes James hostage, drives away in the cable car. There’s nothing Sir James, Monique, Miles or Dodd can do... except try to hot-wire the master control to reverse the car.

James faces-off against Von Kleist as the cable car rises over the Swiss Alps.

Von Kleist gets the upper hand and proposes that James's fate be decided by a single card drawn from a deck.

James draws a red seven. Von Kleist draws a black six but decides to kill James anyway.

Von Kleist, ready to push James to his death, says, “Who are you that you should die without fear?”

James replies, “Bond. James Bond,” the cable car jolts to a stop, James throws his explosive ring, (a hidden Dodd device). BOOM!

It appears Von Kleist has been blown out the bottom of the cable car BUT NO, he tries to pull James to his death.

The cable car reverses direction.

James is tossed through the hole and hangs high above the ground with Von Kleist dangling from his leg.

Von Kleist says, “All you have to do is, let go.” James replies, “All you have to do is, die." James kicks Von Kleist off.

In London we learn that, for the sake of national security, James' parents' mission will not be revealed. Instead, after a memorial service for both his parents, James' mother will slip into anonymity. James' parents’ deaths will be reported as a driving accident.

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