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By Bradford Richardson

GENRE: Action, Drama, Family, Historical, Sports, Biography

Twin Falls, 1974. Kyle has the summer adventure of his life when Evel Knievel awards him a security job behind the scenes of his Snake River Canyon jump. Inspired by Knievel's heroic determination, Kyle stands up to his controlling father, saves best friend Nick from a murderous drug dealer, takes a chance on love with Megan and risks his life to stop a gang of Hell's Angels intent on destroying Evel’s Skycycle.


RECKLESS WHEELS is a Coming-of-Age Drama set in 1974 and inspired by Actual Events from behind the scenes of Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon Jump.

Kyle, is eighteen, hardworking, and he’s just found out his Dad spent his college fund on a country club membership for himself. You see, Kyle’s Dad is the Civil Engineer who designed Knievel’s Snake River Canyon jump site & launch ramp, and he’s gotten caught-up in acting like a big-shot.

Kyle commits to earning the tuition he needs any way he can.

Kyle meets Knievel who challenges him to sneak onto the jump site to watch the test launch of the Skycycle X-1 prototype. Kyle brings best friends, Megan & Nick. Something goes wrong with the launch and the Skycycle prototype crashes & sinks into the wild Snake River. Knievel offers five-thousand-dollars for the Skycycle’s recovery, Kyle, Megan & Nick risk their lives to dredge it up. They nearly pull it off too, but an accident forces Kyle to let the Skycycle go and rescue Megan & Nick instead.

Knievel is so impressed he offers Kyle a security job behind the scenes of the jump site. Megan takes a job too working in the beer garden. Nick is already tied to a job working for his Dad’s gas station.

With two weeks to go, the jump site campground fills with Cowboys, Families, Vietnam Vets, Bikers & Love Children. Groups of people who’ve never coexisted before. As tensions escalate between Knievel and the townspeople, Kyle’s relationship with his father reaches the breaking point. Kyle discovers his dad cheating on his Mom. When Kyle confronts him, he’s thrown out on his own.

Kyle moves into the old Air-Stream camper next to Nick’s gas station. Even with Megan’s & Nick’s help, Kyle learns the hard way that being self-reliant is full of unexpected challenges and responsibilities.

While Kyle patrols the jump site on horseback, Megan befriends, Sandra, a free-spirited love-child who’s the adventurous big-sister she never had. Sandra helps Megan expand her heart & mind and to stop waiting around for Kyle to figure out she’s the one.

Days before the event, ABC’s Wide World of Sports pulls out of their promise to air Knievel’s Skycycle jump live, refusing to broadcast what they believe will be a suicidal stunt.

Knievel is forced to leave to arrange another means of broadcasting his event.

On the night before the big jump, Knievel is no where to be found. Nick & Megan encounter Mark, a smooth-talking drug dealer who plans to make a fortune at the jump site. Mark tries to drug & rape Megan but she’s saved by Kyle and Nick. Mark is arrested. Nick defies Kyle & Megan, steals Mark’s drug stash, and plans to sell it himself.

Kyle is called back to the fenced-in launch area where Knievel’s Skycycle stands ready. All of the other security guards have abandoned the site because a riotous gang of Hell’s Angels is threatening to break in and destroy Evel's Skycycle.

Kyle has an idea. He risks his life to hire the Ex-Marine leader of a group of Vietnam Vets/bikers, to stand against the Hell’s Angels. Kyle’s plan works. The Hell’s Angels back down. The Skycycle is saved.

Jump day. Knievel returns.

Nick’s first attempt to sell some pot leaves him robbed & beaten unconscious by bikers.

Drug dealer, Mark is released, he comes to the jump site looking for Kyle, Nick & Megan and blood.

As the launch clock ticks down the final minutes, Kyle & Megan watch with the crowd as Knievel climbs into the Skycycle.

Mark, corners Kyle & Megan, leads them away at gunpoint into the concessions area to force them to reveal where Nick is. They truly don’t know.

The Skycycle launches but the landing parachute deploys too early and forces the Skycycle to plummet out of sight into the canyon. The crowd goes silent. Is Knievel dead?

Kyle tries to fight Mark but loses. Mark locks them into a semi-truck trailer and sets it on fire.

The loud speakers announce Knievel is okay. The crowd feels ripped-off. Hell’s Angels go wild, steal police cars, an ambulance, and a fire-truck then rampage through the jump site.

Kyle & Megan barely escape the semi-trailer in time, but again come face-to-face with Mark who, before he can shoot them, is run down by the stolen fire-truck.

Kyle leads Megan to safety then returns to the jump site to help the remaining spectators and families leave safely too.

The next morning, Kyle & Megan leave Twin Falls behind and drive for California.


Finalist - Sandwiches Film Festival, Twin Falls, Idaho, 2016

Semi-Finalist in Amazon Studios' December 2011, Best Screenplay Competition.

Second-Rounder Finalist in the 2008 Austin Film festival Screenwriting Competition.

Merchandising & Pay Per View sales for the Snake River Canyon Jump earned 300 million dollars, which, by today's standards would be 1.5 billion.

Each September, Evel Knievel Enterprises, authentically re-stages the Skycycle jump, minus the actual jump of course.The event should be called, Evel-Con.

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