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By Bradford Richardson

GENRE: Action, Comedy, Family

An accident-prone, nice-guy high-school teacher and his nerdy best friend stumble into real life-or-death espionage thrills at an extreme summer Spy Camp taught by the CIA's most intense and unconventional female operative who may be setting them up as fall-guys in a scheme to rip-off the Department of Defense.


Just like HITMAN'S BODYGUARD, ESPIONAGE 101 builds to an exciting, "on the run from everyone who's trying to kill us," second half which I love. It's essentially an indie-budget Buddy Action Comedy, with a kick-ass revenge-driven subplot which our guys totally screw up.

Gary Atwood, a newly divorced, accident-prone high-school teacher, and his nerdy best friend, Drew, decide what they need to do to turn their lives around is sign-up for an extreme summer Spy Camp where they'll train to become confident men-of-action. But this spy-camp turns out to be run by the CIA's most intense and unconventional female Executive Security Operative, Jordan Pratt, who definitely has her own agenda.

Pratt's unorthodox training methods targets each guys' phobias & insecurities while simultaneously teaching them real spy-craft skills.

The guys befriend fellow trainee, Miko Natori, who, unknown to Pratt, is a rogue Chinese operative with a revenge-fueled plot to deliver Karmic Justice to Pratt and the corrupt Department of Defense contractor whom she believes murdered her father.

Pratt's final test for the guys appears to be an actual field-assignment where, in a surprising twist, it seems Pratt has set them up as decoys in a scheme to rip-off 30 million dollars from the Department of Defense.

The guys, left on their own, convinced they're in a fight for their lives, must use their new skills to retrieve the only evidence that can exonerate them which is back at the academy and, unknown to them, where Pratt waits to congratulate them for completing her program.

The guys enlist Miko's help to break back into the academy. But Miko exploits the opportunity to put her revenge plan into action.

The guys uncover Miko's plan, discover that Pratt is innocent, and realize they're the only ones who can protect Pratt and stop, Miko, in time and save the day and discover they've been transformed into dangerous Executive Security Operatives. Well, semi-dangerous Executive Security Operatives.

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