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By Bradford Richardson

GENRE: Family, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy

A Philly Paramedic’s attempt to help two playful ghost kids into the light gets him killed by a demon-possessed Doctor who abducts the ghost kids to use their souls to bust-open the gates of hell. Now in spirit form, our Paramedic hero discovers his destiny as a Specter Protector. He’s the only one who can save the ghost kids and prevent the demon apocalypse. If he succeeds, he’ll regain his human form.


SYNOPSIS - Dane is a Paramedic & brilliant inventor with a huge secret, his fixer-upper home, (the old Tuttleson's Toy Store), is haunted by two playful Ghost Kids from the 1970's, Addie and her little brother Cameron, who were separated from their parents when an explosion destroyed their home.

Dane invents Specter Vision glasses which enable him to see the ghost kids. When Dane attempts to use his Specters to find a newly deceased spirit who can guide the Ghost Kids into the light, he draws the attention of a powerful soul-collecting demon, Asmodeus, who has escaped into the world and possessed a Children’s Doctor. Asmodeus abducts the Ghost Kids and intends to use the power of their souls, plus the souls of a hundred other living children, to bust open the gates of hell.

Dane's struggle to rescue the kids from Asmodeus gets him killed. In this same moment, Dane’s girlfriend, Detective Lexi, (using the Specters), witnesses Dane’s spirit discover his true origin, he's the half-human son of his fallen angel father, Father Kelly, the priest who raised him at the orphanage. Dane was always meant to be, a Soul Guardian or as Addie & Cameron call him, “a Specter Protector”. And now, in spirit form, he’s the only one who can rescue all the kids and prevent Asmodeus from unleashing the demon apocalypse.

Dane battles Asmodeus and wins. Addie & Cameron find their parents in the light, and all the other kids’ souls are restored to their bodies. Dane is restored too. Now, there’s nothing holding him back from his romance with Lexi, well, nothing accept for the three escaped demons who, in the form of lobsters, attack them during their romantic celebration dinner.

DREAM LEADS - Keegan-Michael Key. Gina Rodriguez co-star of ANNIHILATION.

Specter Protector is also a hero origin story because, as a Soul Guardian, it's Dane's responsibility to keep the gates of hell shut, help lost souls resolve their unfinished business, and find their way into the light while protecting them from demonic harm.

2015 Semi-Finalist - ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Competition.

2nd Place Winner, Screamfest LA, 2004

In a similar vein as the original GHOSTBUSTERS and FRIGHTENERS.

Noah Parker

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