Loglines & Screenplays by Bradford Richardson

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AWKWARD MOMENTS - A Romantic Drama with a twist of Magical Realism

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

Photographer Matt Crisp grew-up believing his Mother died of a broken heart. That's why he's never been willing to risk his best friend Maggie's heart on a chance at true love. But when Maggie gives up on Matt, he desperately seeks help from his Wiccan best friend, Lisa, whose Entwined Hearts charm will either guide him to overcome his phobia & win Maggie back or drive him insane.

RE-ORIGIN - 5-pages

GENRES: Sci-fi, Drama

When a comic book shop owner opens a stash of rare comics belonging to a young female scientist murdered 25 years earlier, he gets the surprise of his life when he accidentally releases her from the rift-bubble she created within the pages of one of her comic books where she's been hiding, frozen in time. Feeling lost in a future she barely recognizes her only thought is to take-down the tech-billionaire who murdered her father.

ESPIONAGE 101 - A Buddy Comedy

GENRES: Action, Comedy, Family

An accident-prone, nice-guy high-school teacher and his nerdy best friend stumble into real life-or-death espionage thrills at an extreme summer Spy Camp taught by the CIA's most intense and unconventional female operative who may be setting them up as fall-guys in a scheme to rip-off the Department of Defense.


GENRES: Family, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy


A Philly Paramedic’s attempt to help two playful ghost kids into the light gets him killed by a demon-possessed Doctor who abducts the ghost kids to use their souls to bust-open the gates of hell. Now in spirit form, our Paramedic hero discovers his destiny as a Specter Protector. He’s the only one who can save the ghost kids and prevent the demon apocalypse. If he succeeds, he’ll regain his human form.

A GUITAR A DREAM & YOU - A Family Drama TV Pilot with Original Music

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical

Zach, a self-involved one-hit-wonder Pop-musician from the ‘90’s whose comeback dream has left his life in ruins, gets the new start he needs when his ex-wife, Gwen, asks him to be a full-time Dad for their fiercely talented seventeen-year-old daughter, Ally, who has her own girl-band, Non-Objects, plus the talent & determination to become a star.

THE AUDITION - Family Drama - 7 pages

GENRES: Music, Drama, Family, Musical, Comedy

Allison's girl-band, The Non-Objects, ditch school and crash an audition for the hottest club downtown to prove they have what it takes.

Excerpt scene from, A GUITAR A DREAM & YOU, my Family Dramatic Comedy TV Pilot with original music.

MY HEART IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - Romantic Drama - 7 pages

GENRES: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Marie, a recently divorced surrealist painter, is shaken out of living in her imagination by her new-ish neighbor, Teressa, a free-spirited woman who asks her over for a romantic dinner date.

THE INVITATION - Save the Future. Sci-Fi Drama - 9 pages

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy

A genius engineering student is rescued from corporate hitmen and recruited to save the future by a dangerously skilled female operative working for a think-tank which won't exist until 2026.

RECKLESS WHEELS - Coming-of-Age Drama Inspired by Actual Events

GENRES: Action, Drama, Family, Historical, Sports, Biography

Twin Falls, 1974. Kyle has the summer adventure of his life when Evel Knievel awards him a security job behind the scenes of his Snake River Canyon jump. Inspired by Knievel's heroic determination, Kyle stands up to his controlling father, saves best friend Nick from a murderous drug dealer, takes a chance on love with Megan and risks his life to stop a gang of Hell's Angels intent on destroying Evel’s Skycycle.

JAMES BOND: ALL OR NOTHING - A Teenage James Bond Origin Story set in 1941

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller, War, Historical, Drama, Family

Set in 1941. Trapped in German occupied Venice. His British Operative father murdered by a double-agent. His Operative mother presumed dead. An eighteen year old James Bond is hunted by a vicious Nazi all the way to Switzerland with only seventy-two hours to complete his parents’ final mission: to deliver the top-secret formula for synthesized petroleum to MI-6 in Zurich.


GENRES: Drama, Family, Romance

The chaos of a Westberry family wedding helps two heartbroken opposites discover that love, if you let it, is the key to letting go of the past and opening up to the hope of an unexpected future.

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