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By Christopher Joseph

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
LOGLINE: Hitmen Clique Opposing hitmen discreetly meet off duty secretly in hiding @a hole-in-the wall strip club to share work stories, conquests, and basic comrade to cure boredom and isolation. A mixture of Sopranos meets Friends!


A hitman on assignment runs across a former colleague at a seedy strip club who was thought killed in action, but actually living in exile now confined to a wheelchair. Keeping his former friends secret intact, he makes an effort to assist and visit him rekindling their friendship sharing work stories, conquests, and basic comrade to cure boredom and isolation. Eventually they are joined by two other hitmen at the same club forming a loose-end clique to release some steam. Outside the club they keep face; opposing each other if and when they cross paths. Inside, all weapons and electronics are banned, even going as far to switch transportation and use deceptive travel plans to ensure a safe and fun meeting. A secret relationship with one of the strippers threatens the cohesiveness of the group as well as another unknown person knowing too much about their meetings. Their one saving grace of peaceful calamity is under constant tension and scrutiny as their clique is risque enough to threaten not just their job and livelihood but their very own existence.

Art Thomas

Interesting concept. Could be done on a modest budget. I envision Glenn Plummer or Bill Cobbs as one of the guys. Speaking of which, check out a project we did called Tiffant at Breakfast and Magic Bullet; both are on my home page:

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