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By Anita Waggoner

GENRE: Independent

Determined to escape the heartbreak of divorce, a vulnerable woman leaves a perfect world to live with a cowboy where she struggles to survive in the wild man's world of raising rodeo bulls.



A wealthy socialite goes to Las Vegas with her best friend to get away from the stress of divorce. She meets a cowboy at a blackjack table in the Bellagio casino. The National Finals Rodeo is in full swing. She’s vulnerable and attracted to the cowboy’s good looks and charm.

The cowboy invites her to visit him on his Oklahoma ranch. Their romance escalates, and despite great lifestyle differences, they fall in love. She leaves a perfect world to live with the cowboy in a run-down bunkhouse. Despite their differences she’s determined to make the best of things. He convinces her to invest heavily in his ranch and bull business. She builds a rodeo arena, steakhouse, bar and lodge in the middle of nowhere.

As days passed by, she sees his true colors. Once the bar is open the cowboy entertains his friends on her dime. His drinking becomes a daily routine. When he’s sober, he’s one hell of a hand and when drunk, she wants to kill him. His habit of taking money from the business upsets her. The cowboy proves to be an inept businessman.

They partner to raise rodeo bulls for the PBR. She sees his true colors and the romance wanes. Life on the ranch becomes difficult, but she refuses to give up. She works hard trying to hold things together… and to recover financial losses.

Each new day brings unbelievable setbacks and obstacles. Although once sensitive and caring, the elements and life on the prairie change her. The cowboy is an underachiever, womanizer and a drunk, yet she continually finds the strength to carry on. In the beginning, she thinks she can change him… in the end she tries and fails.

She gets her fill and offers the ranch for sale. Realizing her love for the cowboy and the lifestyle she’s created is in vain, she sells out and drives away leaving the cowboy despondent. He knows the free ride is over when he climbs into an old plane to go look for runaway bulls…


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