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Some prophecies bring the promise of hope and peace, others bring the terror of death and destruction. The old Gods die, only to be replaced by new Gods. In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, tearing down a 1,100 year old empire, and the last vestiges of the Eastern Roman Empire. Many thought it had been lost forever, but the last prophecy of Constantinople told a different story. A story with much older beginnings. After the Chernobyl accident, Natalya became an orphan along with her...

Russia Never Sleeps Teaser 2

God has forsaken us all. Russia is a country of paranoia and fears. Even the wolf does not take pleasure in chasing down its prey. You can still walk away from it all. I can never walk away. I am not just the hunter, I am also the lion.

The Gospel of Amare Promo

How do you defeat terrorism when politics, war, religion, and science fail? Amare was convinced she had the answer and she was willing to risk her life to pr...

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The third book in my Axiom Series is finally here! The ebook is available now on Amazon.

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Visions, nightmares and man’s fascination with all things that go bump in the night are what have inspired these particular stories by Kimberly O'Neill You can find them at

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Coming fall 2015 Even underground cults and strange voices won't stop Ana from finding a cure for the Axiom Virus. Would the love of two men?

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Welcome to Frequency West, where anything is possible!

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