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By Jesse Dean

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

A romantic love affair between a man and his ax.


Guitar is a character-driven romantic comedy about a high-strung Portland musician BUD LEE, who seems to have more time to spend with his new awesome guitar rather than his overly jealous stripper girlfriend. Act I summary Bud in search of a new guitar stumbles upon a music store on the way to pay his and his (ADD) girlfriend AMY REBEL’s rent, to find the most amazing guitar he has ever laid eyes on in the display window. Spending the last of the rent money, he swears a loyal oath to himself to get the money back before she finds out about it. Act II summary Bud quickly fails in his attempts to keep from Amy what has happened to the rent money, however, manages to hide the fact that he has secretly spent the rent money on a guitar. After making up with Amy over the rent money, Bud fails to woo her romantically and sexually as his infatuation with the guitar gradually begins to smother their relationship, leaving a trail of clues behind that Bud may be having an affair with another woman. An obsession so powerful, the instrument inevitably steals Buds love away from Amy. Act III summary After enough evidence has added up, Amy has had enough and now produces the ammo against Bud to confront him about his cheating and to find out who this bitch is that is stealing her man. After deciding this is the right thing to do instead of just walking out, Amy finds Bud naked with the guitar; he has named LITA, which he named after 80’s rock star Lita Ford. In an uncontrollable rage Amy smashes Lita over Buds head and pushes him out the fire escape window where the story ends in the hospital and a lovey-poo ending. Jesse Jarvis #466872 1122 NW Davis Street Portland, OR 97209 541-653-2860


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