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By Jesse Dean

GENRE: Romance


A romantic comedy that takes place in France in one location so it will not be too expensive to shoot. Titled Le Jardinier- "The Gardener."


A very attractive Anglo Saxon male who plays the role as a gardener arrives to a four-plex estate after the husbands all just rushed off to work- kind of like in the Edward scissor-hands scene when they all pull out of the driveway at the same time etc. So he arrives at the designated residents and all day is sexual propositioned and attacked by the tramp cougars except the young woman he is actually working under ends up baby sitting him fending off the greedy blood sucking whores next door. so there are some really fun scenes I get to play with. Basically we learn that she could have taken him and the feelings for him had become mutual as the movie moves toward the ending where a lesson in morals and self control reminds the audience that if you are already happy why go screw it up, especially in such a raunchy way that the other woman pursued the task. the two main characters come real close, however, check themselves, dismiss the whole idea and finally get him off the property just in time when the husbands arrived back home, again at the same time same routine. It is a lesson in true love verses hot passion that only lasts a moment and if too much longer will spoil everything. A woulda, shoulda, coulda' type ending leaving young ladies walking out of the theater cringing and asking "why didn't she do him man?' i am writing it with Audrey Tau tou in mind. I may try to contact one or two of the Directors who caste her I don't know yet. Thomas Bezucha of Priceless would be a good one and Pierre Salvadori. Thank you for your interest and asking. So what is it you are up to now days my lady? ;)


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Jesse Dean

JACQUENETTE And what do you mean by that? LAUGHTER JACQUENETTE He's bleeding! Aciano turns to see who the other deviant voice is at the same time sucking his bleeding finger discreetly.

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