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By Charles Crawford

GENRE: Action, Western

Mistaken identity as a killer in Montana results in the man fleeing to Texas to a new life defending the ranch he works for as a fast gun until suddenly he is forced to decide between his obligation and love he has there or return to Montana to face his fate.


ACT ONE: 1858 - Matt Andersen was dead. Shot down in a holdup that shocked a small, quiet Montana community. At least the townspeople thought he was dead. If he’s found alive a town mob would lynch him because their beloved Reverend was killed. Knowing this his father, Wil Andersen, sends him away to a life in exile.

His adventures take him south where, after the Civil War, he follows his commanding General to Texas to work as a hired gun on the Brazos River Bar M Ranch, as alias Matt Jorgensen. Range wars with a neighboring ranch that wants all of their land and cattle keep him busy while home life on the ranch is good. Leisha, the General’s daughter, is Matt’s girl. Even though he knows he will never marry her. Ranch foreman Steve, his best friend and fellow Civil War soldier, is also in love with Leisha, but will not ever make a move on her while she belongs to Matt.

ACT TWO: 1874 - One summer day, three cowboys arrive from the Double-O Ranch in Montana to inform him that his mother is dying, that she wishes to see him before she passes and to bring him home to save the family ranch. But Matt is the man the General depends upon to save the Brazos River Bar M Ranch from a final impending range war. His nemesis, McTavett, has organized a large force of men in town to finally take control of the ranch and other neighboring ranches. Matt knows that he can’t leave, but he would like to see his mother before she dies. He just doesn’t know how he can leave Texas at this time … or ever?

McTavett had completely fooled Nellie, owner of the Sandy Bar M Ranch, into thinking all along it was the General who was trying to take control of her ranch and stealing her cattle. During a face to face meeting with the General and Matt, she relates the truth she has learned. She asks for help taking back her ranch from the few McTavett men left behind. In a brief skirmish, Matt and some of his men succeed in restoring control back to Nellie.

ACT THREE: In a final showdown, at the Brazos River, Matt’s forces meet McTavett’s. Thinking Matt had died from an earlier encounter with him, he is surprised to find him alive. He is convinced that this time Matt will die. However with the battle finally going against him, he leaps into the river with Matt following. They fight in the water and then on shore where McTavett is briefly taken prisoner by two Texas Rangers. He manages to free himself, taking a pistol from one Ranger and knocks Matt to the ground. Standing over him, pistol aimed at him, he finally has the upper hand. Matt is about to die until two rifle shots strike McTavett, killing him. Matt rises to look across the river to see Nellie holding a smoking rifle.

With the range war finally won, Matt now can return to Montana to see his mother, save the family ranch and face his fate.

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