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By Charles Crawford

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Romance, Western

A rugged fast gun, haunted by the ghost of a past love thought dead and a false accusation of murder, has to prove his innocence and defend his ranch inheritance with the help of his new love, an aristocratic attorney. Both of whom have vague thoughts of familiarity neither can understand from a long forgotten lost love.


Matt Andersen alias Matt Jorgensen, a fast gun, arrives in Montana to become heir to his family’s ranch providing he can complete a cattle drive in 60 days and return, according to his beautiful lady lawyer, Beth. During that cattle drive bounty hunters are after him to bring him back dead or alive for a false reward brought by a jealous deputy infatuated with Beth and out to reveal his true identity and see him brought to justice. Upon Matt’s return he learns Beth was attacked by one of the bounty hunters, Pokerface, who then stirs up an angry mob bent on lynching Matt but the deputy is able to jail Matt. Saving him for a legal hanging, so the deputy says. Beth then must defend him in court on both an inheritance hearing and a murder some twenty two years earlier that he is falsely accused of being involved in. Matt is exonerated and his legal name restored. Upon leaving the courthouse, Matt saves the deputy being attacked by Pokerface and sends him to his grave.

Matt is romantically drawn to Beth who somehow brings memories of a lost love that haunts him. She in turn finds an attraction she cannot quite grasp. Like she, somehow, has known Matt in the past. One snowy night, six men trespass on Matt’s land and kill a steer. Discovered by a ranch hand, One Eye shoots him and they leave him barely alive as they flee. Matt, vows to bring justice much to Beth’s chagrin, who opposes the idea. Matt is adamant and follows them with his ranch hands. A gunfight ensues where four of the gang is killed including gang leader Biggun’s two brothers. Biggun and One Eye manage to escape. Later Matt and Beth have a falling out over the family burial plot when he finds Jebediah Nightlinger, a Negro, is buried there. He had served as the ranch cook and trail cook for many years and had helped take back a herd of cattle stolen when Matt’s father was killed. Matt’s mother wanted him interned there. Matt is adamant about moving Nightlinger’s remains and Beth is steadfast against the idea. So much so she goes into town and gets an injunction.

One snowy day Matt goes into town to confront the judge about the injunction only to be told he must wait for a court hearing a moth later. Matt goes to the saloon and gets drunk. There he is confronted by Biggun and One Eye. He gets the best of them and they are hauled off to jail by the deputy now sheriff but One Eye escapes. On the way back to his ranch in a raging blizzard, Matt is ambushed by One Eye. Left for dead, Matt crawls his way to a nearby tree for shelter and lapses into semi-consciousness and fever. He has a supernatural experience where the ghost of his first love Ginny, a love lost to a stray bullet during the Civil War or so he thinks, cares for his wounds. When he is rescued he is delirious repeating the name Ginny, while being tended to by Beth at his bedside. Curious about a bandanna that had covered his wound and a package Matt had with him addressed to her, Beth opens the package. She discovers her past from the contents, previously blocked by amnesia. In shock, trembling and shaking with tears flowing Beth suddenly realizes what the strange attraction for Matt was all along. She was actually Ginny and he was the man she was in love with twenty some years ago. But what should she do now? Tell him or remain the ghost of his past. When Matt awakes he finds Beth sitting beside him. His first thought was this was Ginny but realizes it is Beth, his new love. Looking at her, strange thoughts of similarity race through his mind but he casts them aside.

Days later, while in town, Matt learns it was One Eye who ambushed him and that Biggun had since escaped jail. They had headed out to his ranch to kill him but not finding him there they kidnap Beth and some cowboys, intent on killing all and burning the ranch. A blizzard hits as Matt arrives. An ensuring gun battle and fight occurs in the blinding snow and both One Eye and Biggun are killed. Matt soon begins to feel the call back to the Brazos near Waco, Texas. Beth wants to know if she is going to be his girl and go back with him or remain in Montana. Whatever the case, she knows who she is now. But will Matt realize his ghost, Ginny, is really Beth?

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