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By Charles Crawford

GENRE: Sci-fi

On the brink of extinction by a deadly alien emperor, Earth's last salvation may be an orphaned, halfhuman, 17 year-old, naïve, sheltered, pacifistic farm girl who unknowingly is next in line to be queen of a benevolent alien federation that knows the shocking truth of Earth's origins


ACT ONE: August 20, 1977 - Voyager 2 lifts off into space to explore Earth’s outer planets. It carries a golden disk containing images of Earth’s people, samples of languages, music and a welcome message. Also, an image from space shows Earth is a water planet and, provides location directions. 2020 - In the darkness of space it is captured by a large alien space ship, under the command of DATURA, from the planet Dropa ruled by Emperor NATIL. The Emperor has been searching for water, minerals and a base from which to rule space. He orders his troops to invade and to enslave or kill all inhabitants.

On a small Oklahoma farm JULIE, a 17 year old girl, is helping her father gather firewood when a tornado rips through, killing him, destroying her home and killing her mother. She is taken in by a neighboring farm couple. Going through the rubble she discovers she was adopted and that her biological mother was somewhere in Phoenix. Julie is determined to find her real mother. After the funeral, two men invade the home, wanting to capture her. The Emperor wants her taken prisoner or killed and has ordered his agents to find her. Julie has no idea what the men want. Defending herself and the couple, she makes a motion with her hands and incinerates them. She looks at the pile of smoldering ashes in disbelief, exclaiming “What just happened? My God, what did I do?”

ACT TWO: LAURA, an astronomer in charge of the Voyager project, is concerned about the loss of signal from it. The loss is reported to superiors and large space telescopes are directed to find the source of strange signals coming in but not from Voyager. A large fleet of space ships are found to be headed for Earth. During a meeting of military and administrators at JPL, DAN, representing NASA, discloses information about the Emperor. That he has destroyed other worlds and intends to conquer Earth. Dan also discloses to the shocked group that he is a Watcher, one of many on Earth, from the planet Gravitron. It is one of five planets comprising a peaceful but powerful Federation governed for the Ancient Ones by a Council of Five and led by GABRIAL. Dan relates that the Ancient Ones originally populated Earth as an experiment long before Biblical times and that here on Earth is a young future Queen which he must now go to protect.

Dan and two other Protectors arrive at the farm. Dan proceeds to tell Julie that her father was King Rameel from Gravitron, and her mother an earthling. He informs her that she is destined to be Queen at 18, developing special powers. That what she did was only one of those powers. She must leave Earth because others will be after her. Unbelieving, Julie refuses to go. She is adamant about finding her real mother, regardless of her own safety. Given little choice Dan and the other two Protectors reluctantly agree to help her. As they search, they are constantly pursued. Julie is transformed from a previously sheltered girl to one learning to kill, much to her distaste, but essential for her own survival and her Protectors. They don’t find her mother in Phoenix. Dan sees a picture of her mother when young and has an idea of where she might be. He believes secretly it could be Laura. But first they celebrate Julie’s 18th birthday.

ACT THREE: All this time the Emperor’s forces are invading Earth. World militaries, badly outclassed, are losing in spite of help from Gravitron’s Watchers stationed on Earth. On Gravitron, Gabriel calls a meeting of the Council of Five. Intervention is debated. After all Earth is a warring planet constantly fighting over religion, resources and territory much to the displeasure of the Ancient Ones. TAMLEL, leader of one of the Federation’s five planets, has been discovered giving information to the Emperor. After dealing with his traitorous actions, the Federation decides to give Earth one last chance. Led by Gabriel, the fleet embarks for Earth. The Protectors and Julie travel to Pasadena where she is finally captured along with Dan and her romantic attraction, TODD. The other Protector, LANCE, is killed. A final battle in Los Angeles between defending Marines and Dropa soldiers is ongoing. The Marines make a last stand. It looks hopeless until Gravitron troops arrive to change the course of battle. Julie comes face to face with the Emperor. As a last resort, he attempts to use Julie as a pawn to blackmail Gabriel. It doesn’t work. As the Emperor is about to kill Julie, she kneels in prayer. Datura distracts the Emperor momentarily and she incinerates him. Datura turns on the Emperor’s guards, attacking them, and Dan is gravely injured in the fight. Julie uses another special power she did not know she had to heal Dan. Datura surrenders his forces stating he did not want war at all. He preferred to negotiate for water. It was the Emperor who wanted invasion and destruction of Earth‘s people..

At a gathering of the UN, Gabriel delivers a final message in a speech to the assembly. The conclusion to it is, “If Earth does not change its warring ways this will be the LAST CONTACT. We will not come save you again.” Later at a JPL gathering in Pasadena, Julie, at Dan’s insistence, thinks Laura is her mother but learns that Laura is a twin. Her biological mother was ELAINE, killed in an accident years ago. Julie is devastated. Gabriel enters with an old looking man, in tattered rags, gaunt, with unkempt hair and beard. He is introduced as King RAMEEL, presumed dead but a prisoner found on the Emperor’s space ship. He is Julie’s biological father. Julie now has found an aunt and her father. She comments “I wish my mother could see us now.” At that moment a commotion in the doorway and a woman is led in by a guard. She says, “Yes. She can, Julie. I sure can.” It is Elaine, thought dead from mistaken identity and a victim of amnesia. Julie won’t be Queen just yet. She is content to be a Princess with a real family to call her own and, a special friend, Todd.

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