Marsh Myers's Reel

MY SUMMER WITH ROBOTS "MINI READ": Chapter 9 The High School

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting videos featuring excerpt text from my #yabooks . Think of them as “mini reads” without any spoilers.

Oceanscape Network Cape Perpetua Bioblitz 2018

Combine nature, technology and a bunch of willing citizen scientists and you have yourself at BIOBLITZ!

Oceanscape Network Lets Skateboard Getting Started

Two teens with the Bearings Skateboard Academy in Bend, Oregon, explain their fascination with the sport and offer advice on how to get started.

Oceanscape Network Let's Skateboard!

Join Gordon Boehm and his students at the Bearings Skateboarding Academy in Bend, Oregon, for this look at getting started with skateboarding.

Oceanscape Network Hope for the Helpless Chintimini Wildlife Rehab.mp4

The Chintimini Wildlife Center, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is a place where injured and sick wild animals can get a second chance. Learn about the center's work and how you can help wild animals in distress.

Oceanscape Network Marine Discovery Tours

Marine Discovery Tours combines marine education with entertainment for thousands of visitors interested in exploring the Oregon coast.

Dark and Fevered Dreams Launch Video

Zac Dryden is a titan among teenagers. Popular, handsome and privileged, he leads a life as charming and tranquil as the tiny Pacific Northwest town he calls home. But the start of a new school year always brings surprises — and the biggest is a transplanted student named John Gervais whose anti-social behavior is as ominous as the bulky black coat he never seems to remove. Strangely fascinated, Zac struggles to befriend John despite mounting clues that there is something potentially...

Oceanscape Network Life at the Oregon Hatchery Research Center

Meet Alex Powell, a 22-year-old employee with the Oregon Hatchery Research Center. This is his story of what it's like to live and work in a fasincating but very rural facility along the banks of the Fall Creek.

Oceanscape Network Landmark Place Oregon Hatchery Research Center

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center is a unique science facility located in rural Oregon. From this idyllic spot, scientists from all over the world try to unlock the mysteries behind fish species like salmon.

Oceanscape Network Shipwreck in my Backyard

The Emily Reed is one of Oregon's best known shipwrecks... even though it rarely reveals itself from beneath the sands of Rockaway Beach anymore. This short documentary features the history behind the wreck and an Oregon native who grew up with the Emily Reed in his back yard. More on the Oregon Coast Aquarium's Oceanscape Network at

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