Marsh Myers's Reel

Oceanscape Network Building An Underwater Garden

Volunteers from all over Newport come together to get muddy as they plant a new eelgrass garden in the Yaquina Bay estuary to aid local fish and invertebrate populations.

Oceanscape Network Catch A Cold Wave

Two young Oregon surfers discuss their love for the sport and how others can get involved.

Oceanscape Network Dreaming of Killer Whales

Jeff Hogan describes how a single encounter with an Orca during his childhood has developed into a lifelong passion to protect these endangered cetaceans.

Oceanscape Network Marine Debris Hunters Part 1

Vallorie Hodges, the dive safety officer at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, explains how marine debris presents an entanglement hazard to seals and sea lions living in the Yaquina Bay and how she and other divers work to help them out.

Oceanscape Network Marine Debris Hunters Part 2

Two youth volunteers from the Oregon Coast Aquarium spend one hour on a Newport area beach to find and catalogue what kinds of marine debris is washing ashore. You won't believe what they found...

Oceanscape Network My ROV Is Better Than Your ROV Part 1

What is an remotely operated underwater vehicle (or ROV) and how do these sophisticated robots help scientist discover new things about the world ocean? This short video will help explain how technology is letting us reach places we could never go in person.

Oceanscape Network My ROV Is Better Than Your ROV Part 2

The Annihilators, an ROV building club from Wasco County, goes up against some stiff competition at a statewide contest to see whose underwater robot rules supreme. How will their invention, which they call "The Dumptruck," fair in the water?

Oceanscape Network Scientific Notebook

Creating your own scientific field notebook can be easy and enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Oceanscape Network Tylers In The Shark Tank

There's no better way to understand underwater environments than to experience them through SCUBA diving. Tyler Ligon, a volunteer diver at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. shares his passion for exploring the ocean – and diving with sharks!

Oceanscape Network At Home on the Rock

School kids congregate at the base of the Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach to welcome back the Tufted Puffin, one of several seabirds which use the offshore islands to nest and raise their young.

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