Scott A. Tugel's Reel

Patent It Racing / Vegas to Reno

The newest production created by Racer ID Motorsports Ad Agency for the successful Patent It Racing Team. Congratulations on a great finish! Stay tuned for the next race! This Best In The Desert, Vegas to Reno Offroad Race took me through 535 miles of the most grueling off-road terrain imaginable. I chased the race car the entire route, bringing me filming through a total of 15 pit stops and shooting for 20 hours continuously. Produced, Directed and Shot by Scott A. Tugel, Director of Racer...

Slime Vegas to Reno Highlight 2012

Severe Racing and Racer ID present the 2012 Best in the Desert Highlight Piece created for Slime, The #1 Tire Sealant in the World.

"Severe Offroad 4" Teaser

"Severe Offroad 4" Severe Racing is proud to present their 4th installment into the Severe Offroad Series. These guys know how to get it done. With over a year and a half of filming and editing, Cinematographer and Producer, Scott A. Tugel brings you some of the most radical, in your face, offroad racing action from the most popular events. Severe Offroad 4 features Trophy Trucks, Worcs Series Moto, Baja, Bikes, Buggies, Quads and a lot more for your enjoyment. Get up close and meet Cameron Steele, Kurt Caselli, Andy McMillin and a host of other Superstars of racing.

Episode 1.1 Meet The Patent It Race Team‬

This is the first in a series of episodes for the Patent It Race Team, created by Scott Tugel and Racer ID. Stay tuned for more! Follow the Offroad Racing adventures with the Patent It Race Team as they take you through the worlds toughest terrain with a style reminiscent of Road Racing Glory.

"Baja Rack" Commercial

Severe Racing produced this short commercial for the Baja Rack Company. It demonstrates the ruggedness and style of their great product through the wilderness of Baja.

"Severe Offroad 3" Teaser

Severe Racing makes it a trifecta with the release of their new film "Severe Offroad 3". Severe Racing Films has captured this sport beautifully, putting you near the path of these powerful machines, as they come tearing through every terrain. We take you through every turn, bump and jump. With this kind of action, viewers really get the feel of what it is like to be riding. racing and meeting with some of the hottest racers in Offroad today. Producer/Director Scott A. Tugel has previously...

KC HiLites Commercial

Severe Racing completed this commercial for the Top Offroad Lighting Company: KC HiLites

"Severe Supermoto 2" Teaser

Severe Racing brings you 3 years of shooting at the Hottest Supermoto Racing Events happening in the sport. Bikes, Quads, UTVs and Minis get it on at the coolest tracks across America. Speeds reaching over 100 Mph. Meet all the top riders, including: Burkhart, Ward, Nicoll, Currie, Drew & the new Europeans here. Producer/Director Scott A. Tugel hooks you up with tons of in your face and on the apex footage. Feel just like you are on the bike yourself with some killer helmet cams. The best...

"Severe Ice Racing" Teaser

Severe Racing Films take to the the Ice in the White Hot sport of Ice Racing. Speedway Bikes, Moto X Bikes, Quads and Karts battle it out on Ice rinks across America and even Puerto Rico. Tons of captivating footage, from the hottest racing in the world of Ice Speedway. Get up close to the action with us and have a blast. The best riders in Ice Racing put it on the line for you. Travel with us on this really wild adventure of spikes and all out horsepower that just cant be cooled. down.

"Severe Offroad 2" Teaser

Severe Racing Films is back at it with Severe Offroad 2 The new film is an intense thrill ride into the sport of Off-Road Racing, filmed at spectacular races all over the Western U.S. and Mexico. This film features insane action from Trucks, Bikes, Buggies, ATVs, UTVs and more... Severe Racing has previously released the Xtremey nominated Severe Off Road. Scott A. Tugel, the Producer/Director/Cinematographer, has captured this sport beautifully, putting himself near the path of these powerful...

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