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By Jack Calvert

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: "221B" is a comedy series based on the "previously unpublished adventures of Sherlock Holmes" as related by Dr. John H. Watson, MD. Written in the same irreverent vein as "FATHER TED" and the "BLACKADDER" series, "221B" chronicles the lunatic adventures of the world's most self-important detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his supernaturally dimwitted associate, Dr. Watson, as they set about catching footpads, mountebanks, and enemies of the Crown while staying one step ahead of their creditors.


221B - Episodes THE ADVENTURE OF THE TWO GREAT TITS - The unemployed Dr. Watson is hired to spy on a pair of Great tits (the birds, not the appendages), while Holmes attempts to thwart a plot by his old nemesis, Professor Moriarty, to blackmail the Church of England with photographs of Anglican clerics playing nude volleyball. Before it's all over, Holmes and Watson have infiltrated a Scottish nudist camp, gone undercover as a pair of nuns, and come face to face with a not-so-deadly African pygmy hippopotamus! THE BURST MEN, OR A CASE of INDIGESTION - As a result of Mrs. Hudson's culinary experiments, Holmes and Watson decide to dine out, only to find themselves embroiled in a mystery of corpulent proportions. After several high-ranking cabinet ministers are found gorged to death, Holmes suspects the crimes to be the work of the notorious French gourmand and assassin, Antoine Langulet. In order to avert a constitutional crisis, Holmes enlists the assistance of an old Army chum of Watson's whose copious appetite may be their only hope of out-podging the Gallic glutton! THE ADVENTURE OF THE NECROMANTIC CAT - Watson becomes interested in Spiritualism, much to Holmes's supreme annoyance. Meanwhile, London is abuzz over the impending arrival of Captain Katterfelto, an international charlatan whose "necromantic cats" have wowed the crowned heads of Europe. When Katterfelto is invited to a command performance for the Royal Family, Holmes sees an opportunity to expose him as a fraud. Naturally, nothing goes quite as expected. THE ADVENTURE OF THE ADVENTUROUS ADVENTURESS - While Holmes investigates the Whitechapel murders, Watson hires on as the personal bodyguard of a notorious adventuress and madam. Watson falls madly in love with her, of course, only to discover--not a moment too soon--that the object of his affection is none other than Jack (or rather, Jacqueline) the Ripper! ON TOP OF HER MAJESTY'S SECRETS - Holmes and Watson are retained by the Home Office to investigate a case of espionage with the unwelcome collaboration of the preposterously macho Commander Balls (James Balls, of Her Majesty's Secret Service). THE STRANGE CASE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (proposed final episode) - Watson is enamored of the new invention called radio, while Holmes is annoyed at the way he is portrayed in a series of early radio sketches. Meanwhile, Archduke Franz Ferdinand has become a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes radio adventures, and requests that the boys be sent to supervise security arrangements during his visit to Sarajevo. Disaster ensues when Watson unwittingly assists a bystander (Gavrilo Princip) with a malfunctioning pistol, inadvertently triggering World War I.

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