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By Kevin Kent

GENRE: Comedy, Family, Romance
LOGLINE: A modern day romantic comedy in the style of Roman Holiday, but with a fashion photographer, a movie star and one smart 13 year old in tow.


Screenplay by: Kevin A. Kent (Writer/Director/Producer) Budget: 1.2 million (Shot in 4K with Red or like digital film cameras) Genre: Comedy – Romantic Setting: NY, L.A., and Hawaii (or likeness for tax breaks) or ALL CONTENT REGISTER. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Synopsis: Maddie gets fired as a fashion photographer by her insidious boss, the “Godfather”. She reluctantly has to accept one last job chasing one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time. Problem, she hates actors; her ex-husband was one, her father was one. Her son, Alex, thirteen, is the love of her life, he is the whiz kid and behind most of her best shots and certainly her best moments in life. Together, they feel as though they can conquer all. They better, they have no back-up plan, after being fired. Alex serendipitously befriends the big star Marcus on the plane flight back to LA. Later, they all meet for some Venice Beach rollerblading. During that excursion, a stray gang member’s bullet grazes Alex. But in an attempt to protect the boy, Marcus dives and protects young Alex, but he also takes a bullet to the leg. The 6 o’clock news makes a spectacle of it all. Now they are all the objects of the paparazzi’s reach. Marcus suggests they should all leave LA to avoid the paparazzi and the gang’s retribution. They should hideout in his Hawaiian retreat. Much to Maddie’s objections they find the Paparazzi’s pursuits relentless and Maddie agrees to escape. It is hard for Maddie and Lance to avoid a spontaneous, friendship, they reluctantly falls in love head over heels. Alex is equally enamored by Marcus, he really likes it all, especially the part about his upcoming birthday party, his first big party ever. But when the ex-husband, the ex-lover, and the paparazzi show up to crash the party, it is a wonder a happy-ending can ever be realized. But high on the hill above the Hawaiian birthday party gone awry. Marcus and Maddie apologize to the young Alex who informs them this is the best party ever. Marcus proposes and a secretive marriage is planned. But a surprise ending is in store for the lovers. Thanks to the brilliant boy.

Clive McDonald

I quite like this. I think the level of danger when they hide from the gang needs raising or making clearer.The 'gang' need a back story and some funny bits- like the hit man wants to be in movies and asks advice in between firing off rounds.

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