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By Bassam Messaike

GENRE: Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: Killers and their victims forced to hide together after a supernatural phenomenon bring them back from the dead; the police thinks they are zombies and want to exterminate them but a professor finds out that they are not; he becomes their leader and after they sit down together to discuss the events and reasons that led to the murders, he tries to lead them to safety. Does he succeed?


For hundreds of years, a supernatural phenomenon existed under Cemetery Number Seventy Two in New Orleans. The phenomenon employs earth to swallow killers who come to the Cemetery to bury their victims. It then suspends the killers in a particular fashion forcing them to look continuously and permanently into the eyes of their victims. The guardians of this phenomenon are working on a supernatural entity to bring the victims of murder back to life; they come close to success when something goes awry. The guardians are forced to send back to life twenty seven killers and seventy two victims to test the validity of the phenomenon. When the killers and victims are sent back, the police believe they are zombies and want to exterminate them. Professor Bram Driggs and his assistant stumble on the Cemetery ground and discover that they are not zombies but LIMBOS, because they are in limbo, not dead and not really alive either. The Professor becomes their leader and steers them to safety in a school. At the suggestion of the Professor, four of the victims sit down with their killers and discuss the events and reasons that led to the murders. These fascinating and somber discussions become the test of the phenomenon and its chances of success when it is interrupted. See what becomes of the LIMBOS.

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