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By George King Howington

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: Group of young professionals hunting in North America near the Canadian border are attacked by a group of solders.


Before I say anything, I know that I am not a great or even a good screenwriter but the story is good and I have my moments of good writing small as they may be. Eight guys, mostly from the Southern part of the USA are in two separate suv's in north mid-west USA (winter time) hunting fox's with military tactics and military weapons (i have actually hunted this way with friends). The first scene will give the impression that they are hunting a black man. The entire middle of the book illustrates different tactics used to hunt foxes. They stop for lunch in a remote cabin are attacked by armed solders. They have no idea who is attacking them. They trap and kill all the solders by the same methods use to hunt foxes. They find an American flag on one of the terrorist and think they have killed some Americans. They are then captured by an group of American solders. The American solders interrogate the hunters and the truth is unfolded.


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