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By Dana Barnaby

GENRE: Comedy, Independent, Thriller
LOGLINE: Legend has it, that some 50 years ago a man stumbled across an awful truth. His twenty seconds of exposed film suggests the existence of a modern day Cannibalistic Society. Today, relentless media hounds continuously search for its authenticity, and once again a small, self-isolated society must brace itself for war.


In 1952, during the filming of an archeological dig to unearth the cannibalized remains of the Anasazi people, a documentary filmmaker took his camera deep into the Pacific Northwest Rainforest and shot twenty seconds of the most shocking footage ever filmed, instantly creating the legend of HANKERVILLE. Is this footage a genuine record of a cannibal society existing in North America...or just a media propelled elaborate hoax? 50 years later… The most recent Legend Hunter, Rudolf Van Dusen, has disappeared, resulting once again in an all media blitz: Will anyone ever expose the Truth? Nicholas Foley, a quirky, two-fisted Professor of Anthropology at the University of Seattle believes he has the answer. Accompanied by the feisty daughter of the missing Van Dusen, Foley embarks on a thrilling adventure fraught with car crashes, dangerous terrain, poisoned food and sinister strangers to discover a town that doesn’t want to be found and to expose an inaccessible society that is well aware of their pending arrival. How far would you go to protect the ones you love? This is the real truth behind HANKERVILLE. …Sometimes there is only one way to keep a secret. Leave no one behind to tell it.

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