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By Dana Barnaby

GENRE: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
LOGLINE: It’s mid ‘50’s Hollywood and a small-town aspiring screenwriter is finally offered his big break. However due to “budgetary constraints” his romantic comedy is now slated to become a B grade science fiction film. Desperate to retain his credibility, he feverishly plots a new, high-octane climax, ironically one that mirrors his own quirky romantic struggles and dreams of glory.


Dayton Cooper, an aspiring screenplay writer in the 1950’s, seems permanently stuck in Columbus, Ohio, that is until he finally receives word that a Hollywood studio wants to produce his script. Unfortunately, with his upcoming wedding just a short ten days away, he must convince his egocentric fiancé that there is more than enough time to pursue his lifelong Hollywood dream and still return home for their meticulously planned wedding day. Upon his arrival at the fledging B Movie studios, it is revealed that “due to budgetary constraints”, his once romantic love story is now being transformed into an action-packed science fiction horror film filled with an evolutionary perfect race of aliens and horrific hairy Buzzing Bee monsters. Desperate to retain as much of his original story as possible, Dayton enlists Christy Baker, the film’s lead actress, to help him coerce the studio’s producer into accepting a rewrite where a love story is introduced between Yargo, the king of an alien planet and Janet, a simple, yet alluring Earth woman. With the wedding-day clock ticking, and many scenes still remaining to be written, Dayton and Christy feverishly plan out the film’s dramatic climax. As they become closer, their relationship begins to mirror the on-screen romance of the up-routed foreigner who faces the dilemma of confessing a new found love, or simply saying nothing and missing out on a chance for true happiness.

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