Loglines & Screenplays by Kevin Ryan

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GENRES: Adventure

.A zombie virus destroys the human race leaving a pet dog with nobody, until he meets a traumatized, one eyed cat in search of his own family.

Mr. Muscles, Mr. Scarlet and Queenie Starr Audio Play

GENRES: Comedy

Three scenes featuring Public domain comic book heroes. Stories modified for comedic effect.

Mr. Muscles in "Mad about Zoo"

Mr. Scarlet in mystery of the Phantom of Marston Manor

Queenie Starr in "Death Scene"

TimeWash - Radio Series

GENRES: Adventure, Comedy

Two friends field test their new invention, a parallel universe - time travel power shower, overcoming techinical problems, government agents and strange universes in the past.

Pyrrhic - Logline and first 10 pages

GENRES: Action, Drama

A teenage girl is forcibly escorted by her wounded protector across a post-alien invasion apocolypse to safety, their route entwining with a determined soldiers continued fight against the remaining alien force.

Count Dracula: Freedom From Fandom

GENRES: Animation

A bitter Dracula attempts to trade his tourist hotspot Castle for a quiet Manor in England and retire without alerting overeagerfans or Satan's minions intent on destroying the world with the vampire's help.

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