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By Michael Faunce-Brown

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Family, Thriller
LOGLINE: Engaging, stroppy Sam 12, versus ruthless crooks wanting his computer skills and climbing ability, must save for beautiful sister Jenny's eye operation by Christmas, having blinded her. Failure would leave her blind and Sam in pieces.


12/13 year old Sam dives by accident onto his beautiful sister, Jenny, 14. Blinded by the pool incident, Jenny must have an eye operation by Christmas, or she may never see again. Sam supports his dysfunctional family with part-time jobs. His mother is too arthritic to work and his dad, limping from an accident, has given up hope till later inspired by Sam, the computer whiz kid. Sam decides to pay for the operation himself. How? Sam is covertly watched by Neski, a small time crook, as he hides his earnings in a derelict building. Later Neski steals the money. Sam re-possesses his money, leaving Neski with a bloody nose. Sam is tricked by Neski into becoming his and the grotesque Charlie’s drug courier. Sam, chased by a police dog round a store, realizes what he has been carrying. The crooks blackmail the boy into helping them break into offices, after a frightening climb. The crooks think they have him where they want him, an innocent looking helper with PC talents, paying him well, at first. Sam finds a resourceful friend in pensioner Daniel. Sam helps Daniel with his computer, and aided by his spy-cam statuette presented to Charlie, they can see the crooks planning their next break-in from their office. Sam provides Daniel with a new purpose in life. He helps Sam with his homework and becomes fond of the boy. Neski traps Daniel as he tries to find the film cassettes and imprisons him in a derelict cell. Sam finds and rescues Daniel with the help of Stephen, an ace bike rider and Jenny's boyfriend. The crooks have Sam ready for their heist. Daniel and Stephen intend to rescue Sam but communications fail. An accident delays Daniel. Stephen follows the crooks' van on his push-bike flat out. Neski wants Sam to sell as body parts. Will he survive? Charlie and Neski use Sam to break into an office and tell him to switch huge funds from the Red Cross HQ to their own account. He chases Sam, and falls headfirst into a dustbin as Sam sidesteps from a window. Sam helps Daniel and Stephen to subdue Charlie, with Dad lending weight on the lasso. Sam sends details of the crooks direct to Police Headquarters and rakes off the price of Jenny's operation. Jenny’s eye operation is a success. The family celebrate Christmas with Daniel, and Sam’s courage is recognized by all. Dad finds a job cutting grass for the Council and looking out for trouble makers. "Supergrass!" Audience: Billy Elliott, Home Alone, Whale Rider, Wimpy Kid et al. by Michael Faunce-Brown

Michael Faunce-Brown

Low budget, worldwide appeal. Writer can help with locations.

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