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By Rayce Vaughan

GENRE: Action, Comedy
LOGLINE: A washed up Science Fiction author is contracted by the CIA to assist with stopping a cult that has taken his book in a literal sense from destroying the tallest building in the world.


Bernard Larson (35), once a young, up and coming Science Fiction author, having sold a best seller over a decade ago, now lives in a secluded area in upstate New York. His meteoric rise came to a screeching halt after a mental breakdown where he attacked a young super-fan. Bernie is in the middle of his daily routine of sitting in front of a blank word document when he gets a call from his old agent, Scott. Bernie hasn’t heard from Scott in years. Scott has booked Bernie on a panel in L.A without asking him first. Desperate for money, Bernie agrees, even though he hasn’t made a public appearance in a decade. The panel is actually just a ruse to get Bernie in the city. Bernie is approached by a group who seem very interested in his book. They invite him to a party but he declines. As Bernie is leaving he is bagged and taken to an unknown place by none other than the CIA. It turns out to be the C(ult) Intelligence Agency, who wants to question Bernie about the “fans” who talked to him. The fans turn out to be members of a cult who consider Bernie’s book a religious text, prophesying the Apocalypse. Bernie is required for the cult to complete the ceremony, and planned to kidnap and sacrifice him. Bernie is tasked with infiltrating the cult to learn where exactly they plan to strike, aided by a mysterious agent named Alli and a ruthless sniper named Joey. Bernie is contacted by the cultists for another panel. This time Bernie agrees to go with them, but is bringing backup. The cultists uncover his plan and kill Joey in a shootout. Bernie is bagged (again) and taken to the cult’s secret hideout. Bernie meets the Cult Leader, Tristan, who reveals himself as the super-fan Bernie attacked all those years ago. Bernie manages to learn the cult plans to destroy the newly constructed World’s tallest building in L.A. Having lost contact with the CIA, it’s up to Bernie and Alli to stop the group. He rushes to the building and bolts to the top, where he finds the cult leader preparing a bomb that will bring down the entire building. Bernie struggles with the leader and ultimately throws him off the edge. Bernie is hailed as a hero and is awarded the keys to the city (cliché, I know). Bernie writes a movie detailing his experiences with the cult, naming it Non-Fiction.


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