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By Allison Chaney

GENRE: Fantasy

What happens after happily ever after for the other girl? This is the story of Cinderella's stepsister and the guy who got away...Prince Charming. Television. 1 hour pilot. Drama.


Co-written with Erin Okamoto.

Stephanie Thorne has been sent to work in the kitchens of the Castle Northborne, stripped of her title. Stephanie is the stepsister of Ellinor (Cinderella) and their roles as we know them have been reversed. Ellinor has no idea how to be a lady, and Stephanie is not at all fit to be a servant. Of course, there is a final twist to this all, Prince Dominic (or as many of us know him--Prince Charming) is in love with the feisty beautiful, Stephanie, and yet, for some reason he cannot fathom, ruined it all and married the sweet gentle Ellinor.

When Ellinor asks Stephanie to be her social tutor, Stephanie refuses. She'd rather have her dignity back. Her mother, Fiona, is not at all pleased, already upset that her younger daughter has left them to marry a woodcutter and live with Fiona's awful sister, Felice. Felice is Cinderella's godmother and will do anything protect her for she is the mother of the curse that rules them all.

That night, Stephanie is attacked in her quarters and goes to Ellinor for safety.

When Prince Dominic learns of this attack, he sets off with his cousin, Lord Kentwall, the son of the Grand Duke, to find the assailant. On the road, Dominic runs into his maternal cousin Prince Phillip of the South, who tells him that the High Emperor has ordered a decree. All new royal marriages will be considered annulled unless a child is born within a year of that union. Dominic knows that this decree only affects him and the Emperor is trying to get back at him for turning down his daughter.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Ellinor prepare for Dominic's mother's arrival. Stephanie tutors Ellinor but doesn't have much luck. Felice her illegitimate son, Hans, who is also quite magical, work to keep the curse from breaking. But something is wrong, Dominic is swaying from Ellinor and focused on avenging Stephanie hotly. This is not right.

Upon the queen's arrival, Dominic learns from the castle gossip, Mary Oliver, that the man who attacked Stephanie wore a certain article of clothing. Fiona notices the prince's focus on her daughter and soon learns of the curse.

Before the Queen's welcome party, Dominic discovers his cousin Kentwall in the gardens with a messenger from the High Emperor's court. He mutters something about his father being pleased. Phillip arrives. Dominic notices that Kentwall is wearing the article of clothing Mary Oliver told him about. They go to blows and eventually Dominic slays Kentwall. Prince Phillip helps him cover it up, and they return to the party.

Meanwhile, Hans, slips over the castle wall. Ellinor dines with the king and queen, who worry that Dominic might not be able to get his bride with a child. He's rarely home with her and has lost interest.

Dominic enters the party and shares a look with Stephanie. She has been avenged. She leaves the party and finds her mother, who tells her she has to lift the curse. Though she may try not to, Stephanie always does what her mother says.

Hans arrives in the castle tower and meets Dominic, prepared to help him lift the curse, if he's willing to pay the price.


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Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

You have some awesome loglines. I like this concept the best.

Allison Chaney

Thank you, Jean-Pierre. Just reading over this script now. I really hope it does well because I am proud of this script for sure. My writing partner and I had a great time with it.

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