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About Steve

Steve Robertson is the founder and CEO of (PPoE), the,, and co-collaborate on the globally free (all active-duty soldiers, veterans, and refugees) Third Ear app globally sound healing (gongs, sound bowls, guided meditations, and inspirational music). Robertson’s early interest in New Age / Transformational music was sparked during college in 1982 when he first heard Mike Oldfield’s album QE2. He would then become a DJ at his college’s radio station to give airplay to this inspiring music and those of similar artists. He subsequently became an audio file on every and all things New Age / Transformational music.

After college Steve would meet backstage with Kitaro in Dallas, TX on his first North American tour, then have dinner with Yanni after his second album “Out of Silence”, then meet Jon Anderson lead singer of the group, Yes. After reading a Newsweek article on the Self-Esteem movement he would connect with self-esteem pioneer and 30 plus year CA legislator (Silicon Valley Assemblyman / Senator) and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee John Vasconcellos, John became a mentor, father-figure, and best friend to Steve and would later accept John’s invitation move from Dallas to Santa Clara/Sacramento and roommate so they could better work and collaborate. During his time in Sacramento, and through John’s gracious introductions, Robertson would connect with almost every one of the state’s top legislators and pioneers of the self-esteem/human potential movement. He would then go on to develop board affiliations with sacred music record label pioneers Peter Bauman of Private Music (Yanni’s label), Ann Robinson co-founder of Windham Hill Records (George Winston’s label), and Dan Selene co-founder of Higher Octave Music. He spent years researching all leading-edge types of sacred music by its spiritual intent, emotional impact, and timelines in order to catalog and scientifically/medically present and prove this particular type of music could heal and empower people.

Steve would spend 11 years writing a thesis paper on the effects of music and consciousness and then go onto develop close relationships with the early pioneers of holistic medicine (Bernie Siegel MD (Love, Medicine, and Miracles), Larry Dossey MD (Time, Space, and Medicine), Dean Ornis MD (Reversing Heart Disease), and Deepak Chopra MD in order to correlate the relationship between their conclusions on how negative emotions created diseases and how transformational music could inform and shift these emotions into a more positive state. Later, his clinical research project with Dr. Todd Forman at UCLA’s Saint John’s hospital in Santa Monica would prove that his theories about the power of sacred music effect which did fact clinically, reduce pain and stress during the birthing/delivery process.

In the early stages of his career, Robertson was a Professional Motocross Racer. After college, he became a Fortune 500 Sales Engineer Executive (Industrial process control computer industry, youngest sales executive in the $4 Billion dollars Johnson Controls Company’s history), Fortune 500 Insurance Sales Executive (Health Markets Co. and ranking 2nd out of some 4,000 field agents). He became an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Global Peace Event, Benefit album and Concert producer. He is a Film/Video Producer, Director, Editor (over 35 short films – David Bailey example), a featured writer with Veterans Today (over 40 cover story feature articles), Huffington Post blogger, a Global Peace Event, Benefit album (2 Unite All Middle East Peace album) and Concert producer, an Author/Philosopher (The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose”), an acknowledged Thought-Leader on the subjects of Spirituality and Consciousness, Meditation, Music and Spiritual Development, and Middle East Peace.

The Steering Committee, Advisory Board and list of Musical Ambassadors consists of 45 world-famed/Grammy-winning musicians, Academy award-winning filmmakers, Emmy winning TV producers, top scientists, doctors, higher-education scholars, human rights and world-thought leaders in the areas of consciousness and spiritual development.

Robertson has produced three international peace concerts from and for Bethlehem Palestine on Christmas Day and for the Middle East/Global Peace out to some 80 million homes worldwide that have featured Grammy-winning musicians, famed celebrities, and thought-leaders.

Overview of Steve Robertson’s/PPoE achievements to date:

(May 1998 – August 1999) Music Therapy Program UCLA Saint John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, CA
On May 26th, 1999 in working partnership with Todd Forman, MD and UCLA Medical School, Robertson gained approval and was granted permission for a Music Therapy project that would conduct clinical and scientific research to determine if certain types of music, inspirational/new age/sacred and devotional, could reduce both pain and stress during the labor and delivery process.

Study Findings:
The findings of the study indicate that the music Robertson selected and played in the research study (inspirational/new age/sacred) during the labor and delivery process significantly reduced the pain and stress for over 70% of expected mothers. The music was also found to significantly impacted how 80% of delivering mothers experienced the quality of their hospital stay which included: their interactions with doctors, nurses, staff, family members and friends during the labor and delivery process. This data differed substantially from the control group which came from patients who either watched television, listened to their own music, or chose no interactive media during their delivery experience.

(1994) ProjectPeaceOnEarth promotional video

1994 Robertson produced his first promotional video for the Project Peace On Earth concert series that featured: Mike Mitchell (former Executive Producer of Live Aid and the LA Olympics), Actors: Robert Stack, Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, radio celebrity Casey Kasem, Jon Anderson (lead singer of the group YES), thought-leaders Arun Gandhi (peace leader and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), CA State Assemblyman/Senator John Vasconcellos (CA Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and pioneer of the worldwide Self-Esteem movement), Deepak Chopra M.D. (National best-selling Holistic Doctor), Dean Ornish M.D. (National best-selling Holistic Doctor), Jack Canfield (National Best-Selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series), Barbara De Angelis Ph.D. (best-selling human potential author), John Robins (National Best-Selling and Pulitzer nominated author of “Diet for a New America”), and Gary Zukav (National Best Selling author of “Seat of the Soul” – some 30 Oprah appearances). Additional video film images were donated and provided by Mark Magidson, producer of the world-famed movie “Baraka”. The soundtrack music was provided by Jon Anderson of Yes.

(2009) Creator/Executive Producer “Peace Has Begun” Bus Tour
In 2008 – 2009, Robertson leads a nationwide bus tour called “Peace Has Begun” that served to frame the word “peace” as a verb for social good and promote the planned annual Project Peace on Earth global musical prayer concerts. The bus, which traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast and then to major Music Festivals in California, was a traveling media studio that featured two broadcast journalists who interviewed people on their commitment and actions towards inner and outer peace.

Nationwide campaign: PEACE AS A VERB Creator/Executive Producer

Danny Glover, famed film actor discusses the deeper meaning of peace. He stands for peace.

PEACE AS A VERB: Lost and Found: Healing Substance Abuse and Self Awakening
Eric Nies, MTV’s first reality TV show host of Real World, describes his fall from fame into substance abuse and his journey back towards self-discovery and life mastery.

Bill Richardson, former Governor, and Presidential Candidate; famed artists Romio Shrestha and Davood Roostaei proclaim “I Stand for Peace.”

PEACE AS A VERB: Finding Your Life Purpose and Awaken to Your Unique Heart Virtue
Greg Mooers, former physicist and software developer of Artificial Intelligence turned Monk, shares his unique insights and processes about how to determine: Your Life Purpose and Awaken to Your Unique Heart Virtue.

Associate Producer, 2010 “Path to Zero” Nuclear Non-Proliferation benefit album by Jonathan Elias

Associate Producer, secured the Grammy-winning talent of Joanne Shenandoah (Native American) and Yungchen Lhamo (Tibetan) to participate on the album.
Directed and Produced the EPK music video for the “Path to Zero” album which featuring numerous famed rock and roll musicians: Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down), Jon Anderson (the lead singer of the legendary rock group YES), Trudy Styler (Sting’s wife); Dadawa (considered the Enya of China), Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy Winner). The album featured performances by Bono, Sting, Jonathan Davis (lead singer of the rock group Korn), Robert Downey Jr. (Academy Award-nominated actor), Yungchen Lhamo and others. The album was a benefit for Global Zero in WDC which addresses global concerns about nuclear weapons.

(2010) Creator/Executive Producer/Coordinator “Visions Of Peace” Medical Mission
In September of 2010, Steve lead a medical mission, with famed eye surgeon Paul Dougherty MD, to Hebron Palestine that delivered free cataract surgeries and the restored of eyesight of 40 elderly people. Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO traveled with the Medical Mission to film a documentary called “Visions of Peace.”

(2011) Executive Producer/Co-Creator of the Historic UN “Love All” aerial image from Jericho (49th most iconic image in UN History)

On November 25th, 2011, Robertson, Executive Produced a promotional aerial image, in conjunction with John Quigley (PPOE Advisory Board), additional PPoE Middle East Production team members and a UNRWA team, that consisted of some 1000 Palestinian refugee children forming the Picasso Peace Dove image and spelling out the words “Love All” both in English and Arabic. On September 26th, 2012 the UN selected the Picasso Peace Dove and Love All still image photo (out of some 800,000 over the course of the UN) as one of the 49 most iconic images ever captured since the organization’s inception.

(2011) Creator/Executive Producer 1st Annual Project Peace On Earth (PPoE) concert from Bethlehem, Palestine Christmas Day The PPoE Concert Christmas Day (12.25.11) Robertson was the Executive Producer of the Bethlehem concert which featured Fox Lima of the famed Enigma MMX Social Media Song, Gary Nicholson (Grammy Winning TX Hall of Fame Singer/songwriter), Hani Naser and Native American Singer/Songwriter Joanne Shenandoah and was Sponsored by The Palestinian Government, United Nations (UNDP), The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, The Bethlehem Convention Palace/Consolidated Contractors Company/Palestine Investment Fund, Visit Palestine, Netours, The Ambassador Hotel (Jerusalem), Melli TV and Project Peace on Earth. The Production team consisted of Steve Robertson and the production superheroes: Brian Thomas, Marc Scarpa, Fritz Froehlich (UNRWA Coordinator), Sami Khoury (ABS Marketing/VisitPalestine), Sami Abu Dayyeh (The Ambassador Hotel/Netours), George Bassous (Gen. Mgr. Bethlehem Convention Palace). Special thanks to:Jonathan Elias (famed composer of the Prayer Cycle albums), David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks for assisting as Musical Directors; Rutger Hauer (famed BladeRunner actor – his opening PPOE video spot) and Shaun Monson for directing the piece; Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist Films/Movement) for the video broadcast pieces (Emergence and Spirituality), Enigma (use of their MMX Social Song video), John Quigley’s (PPOE,UNRWA Picasso Peace Dove PPOE concert promotional efforts – Jonathan Elias and Jon Anderson for the use of their music from the Path to Zero album), Burgandy Morgan Esq (her amazing legal support), Greg Spelanka (artist/graphic designer extraordinaire PPOE iconic Peace Goddess image), Mike Houle (artist/graphic designer of PPOE broadcast logo). Special thanks to Kenny Fields and Todd Brown of West Post Digital for generously in donating office space, multimedia editing support and always willingness to support; Randy Copus of the musical group 2002, who has so graciously dedicated his time and talents to remixing and editing the concert broadcast audio.

(2012) Creator/Executive Producer 2nd Annual PPoE Free All Worldwide Concert from Bethlehem

On December 24th Christmas Eve 2012, as part of Project Peace On Earth’s second annual global musical prayer for peace concert from Bethlehem, world-famed musicians beamed in their musical prayers for peace to Bethlehem and then sent them out to the world. The PPoE streaming concert link of 12.24.12 transmission to and from Bethlehem to the world features performances by Jon Anderson (lead singer of YES), Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down), Gary Nicholson (Grammy-winning Texas Hall of Fame singer/ssongwriter– introduces the performance of the song “Divine Mother” he wrote with Ana Egge. It is performed by Beth Nielsen Chapman, Carmella Ramsey, Joan Moser, and Chevonne Kennedy); Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy-winning Native American singer/songwriter), Sussan Deyhim (world-famed Sufi Singer featured by U2 and the 2012 Academy nominated film “Argo”), Fox Lima (MMX Enigma Social MMX Song singer/songwriter), Richard Horowitz (famed film score composer of “The Sheltering Sky” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), Itai Desraeli and Hagai (Maetar), Ernest Chapman (lead singer of Team Illuminati based in Nashville), Seay (award-winning New Age/ World Music singer/songwriter from Nashville), Peter Joseph – edutainment video shorts (“Emergence” and “Spirituality” content script contributions by Steve Robertson.

(2012) Creator/Executive Producer “Free All” Aerial Art Image from Bethlehem Dividing Wall

December 31st, 2012, Free All initiative: As part of a Project Peace On Earth “Free All” peace initiative, hundreds of boy and girl scouts join in solidarity at the Dividing Wall in front of the Israeli guard tower, just next to the famed Entry Gate of the Patriarch in Bethlehem (the historical original road into Bethlehem). Here, the scouts formed the message “Free All” and express a continuous image of permanent handprints that send a prayerful plea to all world leaders and the brotherhood of all scouts to bring the Israeli Dividing Wall down and to establish lasting freedom, justice, and peace for all. President Abbas delivers a speech to the boy and girl scouts on the importance and historic significance of their participation in the PPOE “Free All” aerial initiative: The initiative was sponsored by The Palestinian Govt., The Bethlehem Convention Palace/Consolidated Contractors Company/Palestine Investment Fund, and others.

(2013) Admission worldwide film broadcast Summer 2013 Global Broadcast Award-Winning film “Admissions” by writer John Viscount’s (PPOE Advisory Board member) out to 80 million homes 2 times daily over the course of 30 days in the languages of English, Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish through MelliTV. “Admissions”, written and produced by John Viscount (PPOE Advisory Board) stars Academy Award nominee James Cromwell and tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in war-torn places like the Middle East. Featuring an Israeli couple and a Palestinian, this modern parable is set in the Admissions Room for the afterlife. Its purpose is to start a conversation that heals. The message of the film is based on the Course In Miracles teachings. The film was originally produced in English. Then through the coordinating and production efforts of Steve Robertson of PPOE and the generous support of Shan Hashemizadeh (owner of MelliTV), it was overdubbed in Farsi and then subtitled into Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish.

(2013)Creator/Executive Producer 3rd Annual PPoE “World Forgiveness” Concert

December 25, 2013, Robertson produced The World Forgiveness Concert for Bethlehem which features numerous performances of sacred and inspirational music from famed Rock and conscious Hip-Hop stars, the world of Country, Opera and Contemporary/World music along with Grammy Winners and Nominees including Stewart Copeland, Co-founder and drummer of The Police; Pearl Thompson of The Cure/Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Tour who now teams with legendary guitarist Finbar O’Hanlon; Gary Nicholson, Country Music Grammy Winner; Sasha Cooke, 2012 Opera Grammy winner; Joanne Shenandoah, Native American Grammy Winner; David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks, Grammy nominees; Beth Nielsen Chapman, Country Music Grammy nominee; Fox Lima, of the MMX Enigma Social Media Song and video; Miriam Stockley and Richard Gannaway of AO Music; The group 2002: Randy, Pamela and Sarah Copus Kenji Williams of the Bella Gaia/NASA world tour; Itai Disraeli and Hagia Izraeli of the group Maetar; SEAY, award-winning singer; Fritz Heede and Nijole Sparkis of Ritual Path; Kellee Maize, conscious Hip-Hop/Rapper; Hani Naser, world-famed Oud player; Elijah Ray, of the group Band of Light. With video messages from National Best Selling Authors: Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul) Caroline Myss Ph.D. (Anatomy of the Spirit) Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) and Jerry Jampolsky MD and Diane Cirincione Ph.D.

2014 Studio Head of Transformation Film/TV Content Facility, Castaic Lake, CA:

Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio in Castaic — replete with more than 70,000 square feet of studio space — officially opened in February, said its studio head and General Manager, Steve Robertson.

The studio includes six sound stages, two screening rooms, editing bays, full-production and post-production offices, and an 80-acre back lot for outdoor filming. While it’s a full-service studio available for traditional media projects just 30 miles north of Los Angeles, the studio also hopes to become a center for the creation of projects that are inspiring and uplifting. Anyone can make horror movies, for instance, but the Filmmakers Studio wants to be a catalyst for storytelling and movies that inspire people, Robertson said. The studio wants films and projects with heart.

“We want to inspire, uplift and empower people toward (achieving) the greater good and greater peace on earth,” Robertson said. “When you touch someone’s heart and give them goosebumps, you inspire them.” The family-friendly consumer market is some 50 million people large, Robertson said referring to LifeStyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). It’s an educated demographic with highly disposable income and a $355 billion market in the United States alone. The studio also welcomes high-tech and other companies to become involved in the entertainment community for a wide variety of projects ranging from feature films, TV series, music videos, commercials, mobile media series, webisodes and more — anyone interested in becoming involved in socially conscious and family-friendly projects.

The vision, Robertson said, is for the studio to become a total production hub from A to Z for anyone with great talent and great ideas to bring their content to Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio. It seeks people with artistry and talent to uplift people in the process of developing and making their projects. In essence, the studio campus would also become a community. “We’ll help them fund it, produce and distribute it,” he said. The long-running success of The Oprah Winfrey Show on network television proves, Robertson believes, that people want socially responsible entertainment. Syndicated from 1986 to 2011, Oprah’s rising success came after she switched the format from a tabloid talk show to cover broader topics that helped her audience learn and grow.

And, there’s money as well that can be made from producing positive content, he said, pointing out the success of the movie “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock as real-life Leigh Ann Touhy who adopted Michael Oher, taking him from an impoverished life into one of the most coveted sports jobs as an offensive lineman for the National Football League. The film grossed more than $300 million. The intent of Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio is to promote content that is “transformational” for society. While others see how far they push the boundaries of subject matter, this studio is flipping the Hollywood model of fast-cash upside down, he said. “We want to inspire people to be more kind and present in the moment,” Robertson said. “It’s a short distance to our own heart, but a very long journey to get there.”

(2014) Shanti Samsara Environmental Consciousness Album for UN Climate Change Conference

Executive Producer In October of 2014, Robertson became an Executive Producer and the Artistic Mentor on the Shanti Samsara Environmental Consciousness benefit album. The album, produced by Ricky Kej, was produced at the request of Prime Minister Modi of India, to honor all forms of life from a Vedic and Buddhist perspective. Prime Minister Modi presented this album during his November 2014 UN Climate Change Conference Keynote Speech in Paris to every Presidential attendee at the event. The 150-page pictorial coffee table book and 2 CD album set involved over 500 musicians and 40 countries. He also Executive Produced one of the albums 6 accompanying music videos: and

(November 2014 – 2016) Creator/Executive Producer, International 2 Unite All Middle East Peace Benefit Album

Robertson created and Executive Produced the 2 Unite All benefit album to bring surgical teams, medical supplies, and PTSD Therapies into GAZA and the Middle East Region to support greater peace. The album features numerous world-famed Grammy-winning musicians …30 major musicians including Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Philip Lawrence (Burno Mars), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Thomas Bergersen (2 Billion YouTube video hits), Gary Nicholson (Grammy Winner and TX Hall of Fame) and many more. The 2UnniteAll album is endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professor Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Vera Baboun (former Mayor of Bethlehem) and many more.

Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe
Peter Gabriel’s quote for the 2 Unite All album:

“Although I am sure both the Palestinian and Israeli people would benefit enormously from a just and fair two-state agreement based around the ’67 borders, we have watched the Palestinians subjected to more and more suffering for far too long, especially in Gaza.

Meanwhile, their long-held land is repeatedly stolen by force for illegal settlements. I am not and have never been anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic; I am anti-Israeli government policy, anti-injustice, anti-oppression, and anti-occupation.

There is clearly a growing movement around the world willing to speak out, including my own country’s Parliament. I am happy to be one of these voices now asking the Israeli government, ‘Where is that two-state solution you have so long said you wanted?’ and more simply, saying, ‘Enough.’”

Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) quote for the 2 Unite All album:

“The story of the little girl Shymaa in Gaza who lost her entire family sparked the idea for the 2 Unite All benefit album for Gaza, Palestine, and Middle East Peace. It is a story that is far too familiar. In Gaza 1.6 million people, adults and children alike live in what is essentially an open-air prison. They have no control over their borders, airspace or coastal waters. They live under the constant threat of attack from their heavily armed and hostile neighbor Israel. There is a movement in the Global Civil Society to protest their intolerable situation, a movement which I wholeheartedly support. I have given my song “Each Small Candle” in support of the important Project Peace On Earth album in the hope that, along with all the other songs donated by concerned artists, it will help to shed light on the plight of the Palestinian people, and encourage progress towards equal rights, justice and freedom for all the peoples of this Middle Eastern region regardless of ethnicity or religion.”

Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe
Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars) quote for the 2 Unite All album and his inspiration for writing an original song for it:

“Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed in so many ways but most humbly through the gift of my children. I live to protect, teach and love them unconditionally so they can then share that life experience wherever they go. Knowing there are children and families in the world who have experienced lives of pain, trauma, violence, injustice, and feelings that they’ve been forgotten simply breaks my heart and should never be tolerated.”

He continues: “…I wanted to be part of this album to use my God-given gifts to give these children and families some peace even if only for a moment. In the end, we are all one family and those are all my children, brothers, and my sisters.”

(2016 – Present)

In 2016 Robertson created and Founded The Advisory Board consists of a virtual who’s who of experts who are concerned about Veteran PTSD issues. The organizing team and founding board members consist of highly recognized names within the holistic medical and transformational-thought movement including Larry Dossey M.D., a former Vietnam battalion field surgeon and former Executive Director of the National Institute of Health Alternative Medicine Division; Edward Tick Ph.D., the founder of A Soldiers Heart, considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject and treatment of Veteran PTSD. He has trained over 3,000 Army Chaplains on how to spiritually reintegrate returning soldiers back into society; Victor Wahby M.D. former Director of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Veterans Health Communications in Washington D.C.; Caroline Myss Ph.D., National Best-selling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit”; Jack Kornfield Ph.D., a Buddhist who is most renown for founding Mindful Meditation, he is also a best-selling author; Henry Lozano is a 5-time Presidential Appointee, a non-profit executive, and grassroots organizer; Seth Krummrich is a 25 year Active Duty Army Special Forces Colonel and Base Commander at the Fort Irwin Garrison.

Phase I: 3 months. Take the healing, empowerment, and support directly to Veterans. A team of PTSD therapists, researchers and videographers travel in a concert-tour-like bus to conduct research and an exploratory feasibility study to determine how best to bring holistic PTSD therapies, inspirational empowerment, and job placement opportunities directly to Veterans. Bus team members conduct a detailed evaluation of eco-systems that currently support Veterans in small, medium and large communities within the Veteran Administrative regions.

Phase II: 6 months: Deliver proven holistic treatment methodologies to Veterans and training to Community support leadership within the Veteran Administrative region VISN 22 (Southern CA – to Las Vegas). Share research findings with key governmental, state, community and NGO care providers and stakeholders. This is a nationwide tour with 10 key cities.

Phase III: Permanent Program: Convert Decommissioned Military Bases converted into empowerment centers to assist Veterans (and their families) heal from PTSD, learn new a life and professional skillsets to successfully reintegrate back into society.

(2017 – Present) Creator/Executive Producer Peace Song Awards

In 2017 Steve created and founded the (PSA). Now in its 4th year, a worldwide contest which serves as a search for our world’s most enlightened musicians, songs, spoken word poetry and music videos that guide the way to inner peace and outer peace on earth. The PSA Jury Panel Members consist of many world-famed Musicians, Music and TV industry people and Thought-leaders including Siedah Garrett (Man in the Mirror)(our 3rd yr) Randy Copus (New Age group 2002), Latin Popstar Maria Conchita Alonso (1-3rd yr), Stewart Copeland of the Police, Heroes TV producer Tim Kring, Dennis Kucinich (former Congressman, Presidential candidate, US Dept of Peace advocate), Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars)(1st yr), Caroline Myss Ph.D. (3 time National best-selling author), Peter Joseph (The Zeitgeist Movies), actor Sean Stone and folk legend Peter Yarrow serve as famed Jury Members. The April 22, 2018 Awards show was live-streamed and broadcast out to some 20 million homes thru MelliTv.

September 21, 2019, the 3rd Annual contest ceremonies broadcast

(2017 – Present) Featured Writer Veterans Today

In 2017 Steve became a cover story featured writer for with over 40 published cover page articles that cover the subjects ranging from geopolitical, spiritual and social commentary to personal development and spiritual empowerment issues.

September 2019 Co-Collaborator Worldwide release of Third Ear Sound Healing App. Creator of this concept for Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers, and Refugees

,, & Partner with Third Ear Sound Healing App and its Founder, Leo Cosendai to help heal Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers, and Refugees 24/7 worldwide
To inspire, empower and support REFUGEES, especially those living in the Middle East, the National Center for Community Rehabilitation (NCCR) in GAZA and the and the LoveAll/LoveWins/UDHR initiatives will be the primary distributor of the Third Ear app/desktop content.

The distribution will be focused on all traumatized civilians (children, teenagers, and adults), Active Duty soldiers and Veterans who have been affected and/or engaged in this regional conflict (both the Palestinian and Israeli side) to find greater peace of mind and inner personal healing. Robertson concludes, “We’re actively seeking submissions from the world’s most spiritually inspired musicians.

Content from Thought-Leaders/Artists/Celebrities Include:

Noted Mindful Meditation Pioneer and best-selling author Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., is contributing his guided meditations in both English and Arabic to the app initiative.
Peter Gabriel, legendary rock icon donates his song “The Nest That Sailed the Sky”
Jonathan Elias, of Elias Arts, famed for his TV and Film scores and Composer of Prayer Cycle album series, is donating a select series of songs along with other noted MOA Ambassadors.
Sangeeta Kaur, 2016 Grand Prize Winner and now Jury Panel Member of the PSA contest is donating select songs from her new album “Compassion”.
Famed Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress Lindsay Wagner, best known for her iconic role as TV’s ‘The Bionic Woman,” a long-time supporter of veterans’ issues and serves as MOA for SVN, is creating a new guided meditation for the Third Ear app initiative.
AUTHOR, “The Power Of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose ”(2018)

The book serves to empower the reader to find and live their life purpose through a methodical process of self-discovery.

National Best Selling Authors endorse Steve’s book:

Steve’s book is … “A TEXTBOOK for the Soul” – Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (National Bestselling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit” – featured on Oprah over 30 times)

“Robertson is a Living Avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.”– Larry Dossey, M.D. (National Bestselling Author of “One Mind” and “The Power of Prayer” former Executive Director of the National Institute of Health)

Steve book uses…” beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” – Gary Zukav (National Bestselling author of “Seat of the Soul”, 10 Million + books sold- featured on Oprah over 30 times)

Steve’s book is …” required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” – Don Miguel Ruiz M.D. (National Bestselling author of “The Four Agreements” – featured on Oprah)

Steve’s book…” can empower you and help you bring your gifts to the world.” – Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. (National Bestselling Author of “A Path With Heart”, Founder of the Mindful Meditation Movement – featured on Oprah)

Steve’s book offers …” rich and spiritually authentic insights into the meaning of life and how to find and live your life purpose.” – Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. (National Bestselling Authors, Pioneers in the Human Potential Movement – featured on Oprah)

Steve’s book is …” a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance.” – Alexander Astin, Ph.D. (Considered the world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education. Co-founder of UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. Best Selling Author of “Cultivating the Spirit”.)

Steve’s book…” looks at all of us in the eye and asks us to awaken to our own power and force.” Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International and Former Franciscan Monk. In 1988 Jack took Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman, and Youssou N’Dour on a 6 week 18 country Amnesty International Concert Tour called “Human Rights Now”.


Feb 6, 2016 – KPFK Pacifica Radio show host Christine Blosdale interviews Steve Robertson

August 12, 2015 – Lets Talk Autism: Music Healing and Autism
April 1, 2015, Russian TV (RT) featured interview on “In The Now” show on the 2 Unite All benefit album

December 2012 – Project Peace on Earth concert from Bethlehem, Palestine (Ma’an TV)
– Event Host

August 2012 – Zeitgeist Media Festival (webcast worldwide)
– Featured Speaker

August 2013 – Zeitgeist Media Festival (webcast worldwide)
– Featured Speaker

DIRECTOR and PRODUCER of over forty short films related to the promotion of worldwide peace initiatives. Long-standing 25-year relationships with many of the world’s top musicians, celebrities, film and TV producers and national best selling authors in the personal development/empowerment movement:

Lindsay Wagner Emmy award-winning actress (Leap of Faith TV trailer and VO for Shanti Samsara music video)

Rosanna Arquette (VO for Shanti Samsara music video)

Frances Fisher (VO for Shanti Samsara music video)

Steven Seagal (acclaimed movie action hero star);

Apl de Ap – Black Eyed Peas
Jon Anderson – lead singer of the legendary rock group “YES”
Jonathan Elias – composer of Prayer Cycle albums
Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan – the world’s most famous Sufi singer
Sussan Deyhim – most famed Sufi singer (featured by U2 on 360 tours)
Chaka Khan – Multiple Grammy-Winning Jazz / Blues singer
Serj Tankian – lead singer “System of a Down”
Fox Lima – lead singer of Enigma MMX Social Song
Yungchen Lhamo – Grammy Winner from Tibet
Kitaro – world-famed composer (70 million-plus albums)
Alex Ebert – the lead singer “Edward Sharp/Magnetic Zeros”
Gary Nicholson – Grammy winner and TX Hall of Fame
Joanne Shenandoah – Grammy winner Native American
Speech – lead singer of Arrested Development
Jefferson Starship – the legendary 70’s rock band
Taylor Dayne (70 million albums worldwide)
Richard Horowitz – famed film score composer
Wade Morissette
AO Music – Miriam Stockle-Jay Oliver-Rick Gannaway
Hani Naser – world-famed Oud / Percussionist
Trudie Styler – Sting’s wife

Gary Zukav – Seat of the Soul /10M books
Jack Canfield – Bestseller seller /Chicken Soup for Soul
Don Miguel Ruiz – 4 Agreements / 4M books
Dr. Larry Dossey – Nat. Best Seller /Power of Prayer
Dr. Dean Ornish – Nat. Best Seller/Rev. Heart Disease
Dr. Deepak Chopra – Nat. Best Seller /Health/Spirituality
Dr. Jerry Jampolsky – Nat. Best Seller/Attitudinal Healing
Dr. Diane Cirincione – Nat. Best Seller/Attitudinal Healing
Gay Hendricks – Nat. Best Seller /Relationships
John Robbins – Nat. Best Seller / Diet for New America
and more


INSURANCE INDUSTRY: Current Accident/Heath and Life insurance agent in the State of CA (Lic. 0D41803) – Present

VP of Sales and Marketing: , an Egloff Insurance Company, Woodland Hills, CA 2016 – July 2019
Created the branded concept of which transformed a 60-year-old Errors and Omissions insurance agency into a leading brand which ranks #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine sites. Developed marketing and sales protocols for the agency.

Entrepreneur – Developed digital branded properties (pre-launch phase)

Sr. Sales Agent, Mega Life/Health Markets, Los Angeles, CA 2003- 2009
Top producing sales agent. 2nd out of 4,000 agents in selling quality business that stayed on the books. 3 Million Dollar producer in 3 1⁄2 years. Specialized in selling self-employed health insurance products and association benefits to small business owners. Developed marketing and sales plans. Trained field agents.


Sales Engineer, EFI Technology, Inc., Torrance, CA 1998 – 2003

Professional Racing Industry: Doubled company sales in 1 year’s time. Sold engine management and data acquisition systems into the professional Indy Car, NASCAR, Sports Car, and Motorcycle racing industry. Developed marketing and sales plans. Provided technical presentations to race team engineers and management.

Sales Engineer, Fisher & Porter Co., Warminster, PA 1990 – 1991

Sold Distributed Process Control Systems and field instrumentation to municipal water and wastewater utility industry. Responsible for sales in 5 state region. Managed authorized OEM representatives.

Sales Engineer, Johnson Controls Co., Carrollton, TX / Milwaukee, WI 1987 – 1989

Sold Distributed Process Control Systems and field instrumentation to
municipal water and wastewater utility industry. Established a dominant corporate presence by working with national engineering firms to incorporate proprietary hardware and software performance specifications into RFQ’s. in order to influence high-tech procurement clauses. I was the youngest sales executive in the corporate history of this $4 billion-plus company.

Sales Engineer, Bailey Controls Co., Houston, TX / Wickliffe, OH 1984 -1987

Sold Distributed Process Control Systems and field instrumentation to petrochemical industry (The Golden Triangle, most concentrated area of refineries in the US ) and municipal water and wastewater utility industry. Established a dominant corporate presence by working with national engineering firms to incorporate proprietary hardware and software performance into RFQ’s.

(1976-1981) Professional Motocross Racer, AMA District 13 (Virginia)


2014 – completed 10-day Vipassana silent meditation (10 hrs of daily meditation for 10 consecutive days)

1983 -Graduate, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana— BS Business Administration

1976 – Graduate, Robinson H.S., Fairfax, VA



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