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By Maxwell Highsmith

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama
LOGLINE: Blessed are the Peacemakers. (Beati Pacifici)


This is a Franchise Action/Adventure/Thriller Super-Hero Team-up. 2 African American Engineer/Inventors/Tech Guys team up with a African American Business Magnate/Oil Barron and an Integalactic Fugutive Finder to take down an Alien Terrorist that has crash landed on Earth. While here, the Alien Terrorist decides to make war and claim the Earth as his own playground because he has bested his Fugitive Chaser at every turn. Meanwhile he continues to go unchallenged by anyone on Earth. Our "would-be" Superheroes get involved because of four reasons; 1) all the "real" and Major Super-Heroes are busy, 2) after the Fugitive Chasers 2nd public beat-down, no one else is showing up to help, 3) the crash has happened in a non-Major Metropolitan city next to their home and 4) the Alien Terrorist has called his friends to help him spilt the Earth and share the spoils of all Earth offers. This is Marvel's(TM) " The Avengers" meets "Transformers" meets SHAKESPEARE " King Lear". This initial piece us loosely based in the 1974 Blaxploitation film "Three the Hard Way" with a unique Christian twist. Thank you. MLH

Maxwell Highsmith

For those who have viewed this, thank you. I appreciate your time and consideration.

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