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By Bob Brener

GENRE: Romance, Thriller

A hopeless man commits a heinous crime to satisfy his girlfriend, only to find he has lost what he has always sought.   


Jonathan Logan has led a life of manipulation- people always instructing him, directing him and advising him. His confidence and self-assurance was shaken

at an early age. Although his insecurity grew, a charismatic soul emerged. Jonathan's “drop dead beauty,” Melinda Collins, has a cunning nature whose relentless pursuit of wealth only agonizes and tortures him.

When Jonathan is given an ultimatum - to improve his status through occupation, wage, and prestige - he gains employment as a live-in bodyguard for Grace Whitney Vanderberg. The reclusive, wealthy widow has lately been troubled. Eventually, Melinda directs Jonathan into marrying the widow, then seeing to her murder by accidental means. In the end, Melinda’s avarice unravels in an ironic twist that will clearly reveal the long, hidden past of Jonathan, Melinda, and Grace Whitney Vanderberg.

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