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By Joleene DesRosiers

GENRE: Comedy

After an anxiety-ridden TV producer is forced into the role of local game show host at her public access TV station, she struggles with unwanted fame and expectations.


SUNDAY GUY (31) is an average producer at a below-average public access station, looking to live an above-average life. Despite the fact she suffers anxiety attacks when she's overwhelmed (which often manifests into verbal fits of anger), Sunday dreams of being a producer on an investigative TV crime show. But that dream comes to a screeching halt when a regional game show host keels over and dies - live, on the air - changing the status of the little television station and Sunday's life.

Sunday, producer of WCPX’s Stump The Student, takes on a new level of anxiety after she is convinced by Director MACY HAAS (62) to take the dead guy’s place. As the mortified high school contestants watch the deceased host being dragged out of the studio, Sunday manages to keep the live game show going, despite needing to breathe heavily into a paper bag once or twice. The broadcast of the entire show goes viral, and suddenly Sunday is a sensation.

Enter Sunday's mother, CELIA (50s), a fallen con-artist who has no home and no money. Desperate for a new con, she moves in with Sunday, secretly armed with ideas on how to bank on the viral video. If Celia has her way (and trust that she will), this won’t be the first viral video she cashes in on. To hide beneath her plan, Celia declares she will become Sunday's PR person. Despite Celia’s selfish ways, she ends up doing a bang up job and Sunday becomes a national sensation.

Sunday doesn’t wanna be a sensation.

But holy crap, everyone else thinks she’s crazy to not appreciate the recognition. Meredith Vieira wants to do a Pepsodent commercial with her. Drew Carey keeps sending her love letters. And Alex Trebek visits her in her dreams with game show hosting tips.

This whirlwind of change at WCPX blows in just as Macy is about to retire. Before this, she was counting down the days and could give a shit about the little public broadcast station. But she decides to stick around as new life is breathed into her and the show by the overly ambitious (and frankly, often annoying) gay associate producer, CHIP TUCKER (23). This astrology-loving optimist (who regularly refers to the “work of the Universe” in just about every conversation) also wants extreme success, and he will push Sunday to the brink until he gets it.

Sunday Guy is a half-hour comedy series that follows Sunday on her unwanted journey to national success. Is this really how it’s supposed to go down? Who the hell wants to make their mark at the podium of a public broadcast high school quiz show? But each time she tries to move out of the role, she is reminded by outsiders that she should be so lucky. She has fame. She has fortune. She even has a handsome Ken doll look-alike on her arm in all the rag mags. But none of it makes her happy. To add insult to injury, if Sunday gives up the role, WCPX will fall into financial stress and jobs will be lost. So when her identical twin sister, TUESDAY GUY, shows up to help Sunday cope with the madness of unwanted fame and their con-artist mother, Sunday wonders if Tuesday just might be the answer to keeping the show alive, the station financially strong, and her path to her crime show passion unblocked.

Phil Clarke

Originality in spades, but not quite gauging where the comedy is going to come. Perhaps be more specific about her anxieties and how they conflict with the unwanted fame and expectations. If you can highlight the conflict, this will help sell the idea. Happy to chat more about this privately if you wish. Just message me anytime.

Kevin Johnson

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