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By David Bemis

GENRE: Comedy

A young personal assistant to a real estate developer is caught in the crossfire of his responsibilities to a scheming, womanizing boss; his own ill-defined dreams and aspirations; and an ultimatum from his wife demanding that he make a life changing decision.


Plenty Of Time For That is the story of Lee Perello’s attempt to get out from under the thumb of his overbearing boss and find the strength of purpose to pursue his own aspirations. We first meet Lee as he fulfills his obligations as personal assistant to his real estate developer boss, Derek Johnston. Derek is a consummate womanizer, and most of what Lee does is facilitate Derek’s many seduction attempts, while running interference between Derek and his father, Jack, who owns the development company. Lee’s job requires all of his time, both night and day, and his wife, Suzie, is fed up with this arrangement. When Lee misses another appointment at the fertility doctor, Suzie gives Lee an ultimatum: quit the job or she will leave him.

Suzie’s putting her foot down creates a crisis for Lee. He is forced to face up to the fact that the compromises he has made in settling for a job that pays well, but is not fulfilling, is undermining the couple’s vision of the life they want together. Lee arrives home to find a note from Suzie telling him that she is staying with a girl friend until he comes too his senses. Lee continues to support Derek’s cavorting about with three different women, and in the process becomes aware of the double dealing that Derek is doing in the development deal they are working on. Lee finally summons the wherewithal to change direction, hatching a plan to expose Derek and win Suzie back.

Lee stands up to Derek and restores his self-esteem. Derek gets his comeuppance, while Suzie and Lee renew their relationship. Plenty Of Time For That is a modern retelling of the Don Juan legend with the twist that the protagonist is the servant rather than the master. By the end of the story, Lee becomes master of his fate, shedding the crippling self-doubt that held him in the sway of a manipulative Svengali. He wins the day and gets the girl back.

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