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By Frederick Julius

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: A deranged mother survives brutal attack after she discovers disturbing footage of her husband then takes on another personality to instigate a murder all to expose a family lie.


CALISTA TRITEMAN, a deranged mother who’s addiction to pain and pill overtakes her when she awakens on the bathroom floor barely recognizing herself. With help from her 10 year old daughter, they’re off to school where an altercation with a slick mouth teacher escalates quickly nearly causing an accident. Cali attempts to rekindle the marriage but serves her husband with divorce papers instead. During mediation, a heated confrontation leaves the custody of Cali’s daughter at risk. To gain leverage, Cali searches for proof of infidelity and uncovers video recordings of her husband with underaged girls including her daughter. Cali makes two copies then packs her things to leave and finds the lifeless body of her daughter. Attempting too revive her, Cali is brutally attacked by her husband and left for dead. Cali survives suffering from severe head pains with no recollection of the incident or her past life. She’s emitted to C.O.N.A., an exclusive facility housing female patients with brain trauma and mental disorders, to recover under close supervision of the overachieving DR. NOLAN. Cali disrupts the hierarchy of the program and questions Dr. Nolan's motives. After being tortured for information, she’s rescued by Dr. Nolan and slowly regains her memory. Tormented by her nightmares, Cali’s thoughts and intentions are revealed within the bloodstained pages of her notebook. Cali takes on another personality and instigates a murder to earn her freedom. She’s released back into the real world eager for a new start and is publicly humiliated when her past comes back to haunt her. She’s reminded of the pain she endured and the plan is set in motion after she calls upon an old friend for help. Unable to live with himself, her coward husband takes his own life during an event forcing his father, ROMAN TRITEMAN to deal with Cali. No where to run, Cali is kidnapped and forced to surrender or watch her brother die. She gives up the evidence, kills her kidnapper and stands face-to-face with Roman. Realizing her failures as a mother, daughter and a friend, she allows her brother to escape and sacrifices herself. A copy of the footage is delivered to Roman's beloved wife which reveals everything in vivid detail. With the truth about her grand-daughter’s death and Roman’s involvement with the women, she goes along with the plan. Roman is blind sided and held hostage to face the families of his victims. One by one, the families say their peace, then watch as he’s burned reduced to ashes. With a new born baby girl, Dr. Nolan receives news about Cali and a token of appreciation for her new office.

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