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By Frederick Julius

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: A venomous Jezebel seduces a grieving fool taken what’s left of his father’s fortune when he tries to save a forbidden love losing the opportunity to redeem his father's name.


LADY ZEMORA, a heartless diva and wicked boss, takes a swim in her compound while her security team drags two severely beaten low-life thugs poolside. Unforgiven, Lady Zemora orders her men to kill the thugs then welcomes her arriving guests before the show begins. DAMIEN KING, intervenes when his father embarrasses and threatens his friend. Damien’s decision making is challenged and loyalties are questioned. After a heated exchange, Damien finds his father gunned down and business swarming with cops. With his father's fortune in hand, Damien leaves his city, family and daughter behind. In the new city of sin, Damien enters and is immediately entranced, captivated by a mysterious beauty. He’s hypnotized, overtaken by lust and greed watching as the beauty performs. During strict rehearsals, Lady Zemora is interrupted by her pathetic cop for hire with news that the Feds are coming. After witnessing a massacre, Damien calls out the cops then seals the deal with a venomous vixen. During a visit back home, a festive night ends with a brawl between Damien and his older brother. Damien fights for the heart of SEMONE as her sister Lady Zemora secretly plans her escape. Damien rushes to the aide of his daughter then ends up in jail. He brings on another investor and word quickly spreads of the biggest, sexiest event this summer. LUTHER and his goons stake out the mansion estate before the anticipated event. Shortly after Lady Zemora welcomes CARDONE and his entourage for the show, his son is found dead. Luther and his goons enter the estate with the help of a traitor. Damien spots Semone covered in blood and goes after her as gun shots rang out. Luther and his goons rob several high profile visitors then goes in search of the mansion vault. Semone leaves Damien to go back for Lady Zemora. Semone is captured, beaten and held hostage by Luther. Luther and his goons face off with an angry Cardone and his entourage. Bullets fly through the mansion halls. Luther's goons find the entrance to the vault room but Lady Zemora holds her ground killing the traitor. Cops speed to the estate as the mansion is engulfed in flames. Cardone and his entourage escape with the body of his son. Luther’s goons shoot a kill several cops before escaping. Damien enters the flaming mansion to find Semone unconscious and Lady Zemora severely injured both trapped by burning debris. Damien rescues Semone. Cardone watches as his entourage kill off Luther’s remaining thugs in the middle of the streets. Having lost everything, Damien discovers a gift from Lady Zemora. Damien finds and unlocks the vault only to be held at gun point by pathetic cop. Semone comes to his rescue killing cop allowing Damien to leave with the money and start a new life. Thousand of miles away on an exotic island, Lady Zemora lives dancing in the night.

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