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By Tom Dowler

GENRE: Action, Comedy

London, 1086 AD. George, a young English peasant-woman leads a rebellion to challenge the rule of tyrannical King William. To free her people she must defeat the King's mercenary dragon, Logi and unite the English in defiance of authority.


London 1086 AD. It's twenty years since the Norman Duke William invaded at Hastings and defeated the English King Harald to become William the Conqueror.

William's regime is known as the Norman Yoke, a system of oppression made possible by a Bavarian mercenary dragon by the name of Logi.

Harald's lieutenant at Hastings, Atol, has settled for the quiet life, and made sure his daughter George keeps on the strait and narrow.

But when George accidentally skips a royal curfew and inspires a rebellion, she, Atol and the rest of the English must come together and rebuild belief in themselves to overthrow the King, defeat Logi and - in George's case - win the heart of the beautiful princess Adeliza, William's daughter.

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