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By David J Schroeder

GENRE: Comedy

Larry David has a hard time being smart without being an ass.

A traffic violation leads Larry David to community service as a cross
walk guard. Meanwhile, the hybrid car maybe a silent killer, and Jeff
Green is losing weight while getting Rolf-ed.


Larry David appears in traffic court in front of Judge Whit Schilling

for hitting Oscar Wise, an Orthodox Jewish pedestrian in a cross walk.

Larry's defense is that the silent hybrid car is to blame, but the judge

sentences Larry to community service - as a crosswalk guard.

On Larry's first day as crosswalk guard, he confronts a woman in a black Mercedes, the wife of the judge.

Later, Larry files a complaint to the manufacturer of the hybrid, but is

told the silent car is 'normal operation,' and the accident is 'an act

of God.'

Then Larry meets his agent and friend, Jeff Green, at a deli. While

gorging himself, Jeff reveals that he and Marty Funkhouser have been

losing weight by getting Rolf-ed by an attractive Korean masseuse,

Minhee Kim.

Back at the crosswalk, Larry confronts Oscar Wise and unintentionally

insults a small Korean boy . Meanwhile the judge's wife in the black

Mercedes speeds through the intersection.

On the phone, Jeff shares with Larry the rough massage experience with Minhee Kim, and Larry decides he wants an appointment.

In the mean time, Larry takes the silent hybrid into an auto audio and

alarm dealership to install a pedestrian warning sound - he decides on

the screeching sound of birds from the movie 'Psycho.'

At the crosswalk duty, Larry rescues the Korean boy and is thanked by

his mother - Minhee Kim. The world is looking good for Larry, but Jeff

has more bad news - his last Rolfing session ended with an accident and

he has been banned from further Rolf-ing. Larry decides to keep his

appointment, anyway.

Larry's massage begins with rough elbows, but Minhee Kim showers him

with fists when she realizes Larry is friends with Jeff Green. In his

hasty escape in the hybrid, Larry narrowly misses hitting Oscar Wise

again, but swerves directly into the black Mercedes of the judge's wife.

Back in traffic court, Larry faces Judge Whit Schilling. The judge

recognizes him: 'Mr. David. You're the hairdresser, right?' In his

defiant moment before the gavel falls, Larry responds: 'That's right,

and you're Shit Willing!'

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