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By David J Schroeder

GENRE: Comedy

THE BIG IDEA: a jack-ass odyssey.

A disabled germaphobic/dirty joke scholar, a Black/Swedish hip-hop poet,
a multiple personality John Doe, and a martial arts American/Asian
Mensa chick want to collect a $10 million court settlement from
infomercial giant, fat-man Tony Idoni, for their 'Big Idea' - a
telephone condom.


Dodge Armstrong - a disabled scholar, and Arkley Williams - Swedish

rapper, are the creators of the big idea - a telephone condom. Of

course the germ phobic idea was ridiculous, but is dead with the arrival

of the ubiquitous cell phone. Nevertheless, Arkley and Dodge, despite

the help of Nobody - a mental patient with multiple personalities

serving as their 'criminal' lawyer, win a $10 million settlement in a

Miami courtroom from TV infomercial fat man Tony Idoni, who stole their

big product idea.

Shortly after the court settlement, Tony Idoni disappears, and Arkley

and Dodge are living in a Miami Liberty City ghetto apartment complex.

While Arkley is chasing hot Mensa chicks, and has attracted the

attention of Lana Lui - an Asian Mensa chick with martial arts skills,

Dodge and Nobody are hatching their improbable plan to catch Tony Idoni

with their 'macguffan' - a counterfeit Action Comics #1, but they all

have to evacuate the projects because of an exploding can of stinking

pickled herring.

While on the road to L.A. and Tony Idoni, Arkley, Dodge and Nobody are

being pursued by the angry gang of the projects - The Wrecking Crew.

Arkley, Dodge and Nobody remain one step ahead of the Wrecking Crew as

they wreak-havoc with a Tasteless Waitress and the Mother Truckers at

Diesel Dan's Truck Stop, join Big Daddy Pimp William's 'pig-fest' and

'horse for sale,' narrowly escape Hurricane Katrina, and end up refugees

at the Houston Toyota Center for the World Murder-Ball championships

between the USA and Tonga.

Finally joined by Lana Lui, the Stooges head to a reputed hangout of

Tony Idoni, a strip joint in Death Valley. There they meet Eileen

Wright - a stripper; a trio of John Wayne impersonators - one fat, one

Asian, one midget; and Major Pooch Fountaine - a military explosives

expert. Things become explosive, and the Wrecking Crew is not far


In L.A., our Stooges stop in South Robertson and Pico Boulevard to meet

with the lecherous Hymie Horowitz, owner of the Yiddish Antiquarian

Books & Facsimiles Shop, then King's Road Cafe on Beverly Boulevard

to meet Pepe the credit fixer for more slapstick and scatological


The grand finale is a Mexican standoff with the complete cast at Tony Idoni's L.A. mansion.

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